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Plandy Balderschlong is back with a vengeance

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  • Plandy Balderschlong is back with a vengeance

    So obviously nothing is set in stone yet, but apparently we're hot and heavy after James McCann instead of Realmuto. He "broke out" during this last years fake season in a meaningless amount of at-bats. He hit .289 with an .896 OPS in 97 at bats. However he's a career .249 hitter with a .694 OPS. He's 30 and reportedly is looking at a 4 year deal. He might be a slightly better defensive catcher, but not enough to punt on JT. Realmuto is 29, has been the best hitting catcher in the game for the last 3 years. I don't give a flying **** what he's asking for. Isn't that **** supposed to be meaningless now?
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    I saw this and had to look up who the hell James McCann was. If we’re judging him over 70 Covid ABs over a crappy career then I’m worried very very worried. I thought we got rid of Wilpon. Let’s get Realmuto forget the crap.
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      As I said in the other thread keeping Brody would have had l made more sense for a team without fear of a budget. Guy could get players to sign on the dotted line. Just don't let him make trades

      With Sandy we're back to overpaying for 2nd tier players and wasting a lot of money on garbage middle relief. Anyone betting that May doesn't turn back into a pumpkin? Dude has a career era of 4.50 almost 4 last year and only once ever appeared in more than 50 games. Yet he's the solution to the bullpen? Please just put Lugo back there where he's actually good and get some lefties.

      In reality I couldn't care less who they sign as a catcher. Outside of Molina, they all age horribly and aren't playing in 40 games anyways. Just get someone who plays good D and can hit better than .230 whatever ...but I agree with the thought that we are already on plan C there before negotiations even begin. Makes little sense to lock up a Mcann type until we see the market for JT

      In the end this team needs pitching especially starting above all else. If they go into the season with Stroman as the #2 they aren't making the playoffs.



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        I can see some hesitation with JT given his age, position and recent hip issues. That's not a great combo for a huge investment even for Cohen's wallet. Maybe you go big and get him and Molina as back up while waiting on their own top C prospect?

        But if you settle on McCann you really have to be getting yourself Bauer and Springer for example. This team still has some decent top tier talent, but nowhere near enough that you can fill out the holes with league average players, or go back into the Maverick thinking that he's spotted the breakout talent or rebound waiting to happen on the cheap.

        Have we even heard of them connected to the top players available? I mean, landing your big contract with a NY team with the new insanely rich owner ready to shake up the game, joining deGrom and good young players is THE easiest sell possible. Do they really need to wait on a GM to make that happen?
        "There have been artists who have failed to capture dichotomy as beautifully as the Mets have in playing Wilmer Flores at shortstop and Juan Lagares in center field."


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          I just dont think catchers impact enough offensively to bother spending 120+ mil on one. JT is the best in the business and he hit .260 with an .800 OPS and it already starting to show the signs of breaking down...meh. This is not Piazza we're talking about here. So like I said I really dont care about who they bring in there as long as they go big on other needs....

          BUT I think we're already seeing the Sandy special of "setting the market" on the 2nd tier he did such a horrible job of when he was here - beyond all the garbage relievers lets think back to the Chris Young, Grandy, Marcum, Cuddyer...etc all these early strikes on guys thinking he was getting a deal when 1/2 the time these guys would have been begging for jobs by the time the market wrapped up. Lets be honest are any teams out there looking to break the bank right now after basically losing 90% of their revenue with no return in sight?

          The latest seems to be Jake Odorizzi...who I have no problem with as a whole but you can already see the writing on the wall with Jake and McCann the Mets STILL arent going to swim in the deep end. Jake is a fine 4th/5th starter and if it pushes Lugo back to the pen and keeps Peterson as a 5th starter that's great. But if he's the major add and we're leaning on Matz bounce back, Lugo production, Thor mid-season return as (a trade boost), and Stroman to be a #2 we're screwed.

          I don't care about catcher... I think it would be stupid to spend big money on DJ LeMahieu when we've got McNeil and 3 young SS that can play all over. I'd much rather push hard to make a trade for Arenado - who likely costs less than Lindor and fills a bigger spot of need. To me maybe circle back to JT if you can't get Springer, but I'd value him way over JT. Go get Bauer. I get that he has been up and down - but with the exception of his post-Cincy trade he's been dominate since're asking him to be a #2 here too and he's the best guy.


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            No reason to spend on Realmuto. He'll be 30 next season and that's normally the age where catchers tend to break down and stop producing. Just look at Piazza if you need an example. He was a stud until age 33 and then his numbers fell from a 30+ HR guy to a teen-low 20's HR type of guy. Signing Realmuto to anything longer than 3 years would be a huge mistake at this point of his career based on how catcher typically decline.

            If they are going to spend they need to make Bauer the top priority. The importance of finding a stud to pair with deGromm is more important than adding a hitter at this point.

            I'm luke warm on Springer for some reason. I get all the reasons he's a fit. There's just something about him that makes me think they should pass and not tie up the money with him.


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              I get some of the hesitation on Springer... over 30. Gets hurt a lot (only played 150+ games once in his career). Defense is declining. Always a question on how someone in a non-major market transfers to NY.

              Here's my counter to all that - the Mets have 0 near ML ready OF prospects. He fills a massive need even if 2-3 years from now he can't play CF at all. Toss in that despite whatever contract he might get he wouldn't be seen as some savor with Alonso, conforto, etc already here. He'd just be allowed to slot in and do his thing.

              I agree I'm not overly worried about the offense compared to the pitching, but Springer makes too much sense given the now and the future needs on this club. To me, he's 1b of the top priorities this offseason. I wouldn't give up Bauer to get him, but if we're really going to "Dodgers-east" - it should be possible to get both. Or lets put it this way I'd take Springer over spending on Odorizzi AND McCann. Give me Springer and I'll live with Sanchez/Nido behind the plate if I have to (tho we shouldn't)


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                I thought the days of if we do this then we can't do that were over? We should be getting EVERYTHING. And if it doesn't workout after a few years you cut em loose. Long term fit shouldn't even matter. People talking down on Realmuto when McCann is older and looking at a 4 year deal LOL
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                  No one said they want McCann over JT. Its just about prioritization.... Bauer > Springer > JT I said, get the first 2 and I really wouldn't give a crap who they got as a catcher. If they get all 3, great, but I'm not going to beat them up if they skimp out on catcher... Starting pitching > offense in terms of needs for this club. Yeah sign em all just don't let haggling over a catcher get in the way of anything else. I'd be pissed if they signed JT, but then we get Bradley and jake Ordozzi as the solutions to the other spots.


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                    Do the Dodgers haggle and skimp? Did the George Steinbrenner Yankees settle or did they go out and get whatever they wanted? Why does any one move need priority? Can't get 3 things done at the same time? The new Mets gotta prove they are a big player and not the same old same old.
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                      Agreed on the fact that no one is saying McCann over JT. I will say I'd need to see the contracts being discussed. If it's a matter of McCann getting 3 years $30 mil vs JT's 5 years $125 then that's an easy call for me.

                      One thing I'd mention is that there's no reason to spend a boatload of money this year just because it's there and it might appease the fans. Good teams use the resources available while making good decisions over multiple years. That's how you sustain success. Not spend it all in year 1 and look for more next year.


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                        I've spoken of my dislike for Sandy's approach in the other thread, so little need to go over his preference for second/third tier players in detail again.

                        That said, I think as Cohen has said he wants to beef up scouting, analytics departments etc I think we'll not see where a lot of his initial cash injection goes. And even he isn't going to snap up every top FA on the market - not if he wants to be active every offseason, AND lock up their own young talent. There has been too much hype he was going to spend like crazy without stabilizing the team first. I think where we'll see his money really come into play is being willing to dump contracts when a player stops producing whereas the WIlpons refused to bench them.

                        I do think they have to get Bauer and at least Springer is they want to shore up the rotation and defense enough to start getting to where Cohen has stated he wants to be within that limited timeframe of his. But if he locks up everyone now, you reduce their ability to get better players in coming years.
                        "There have been artists who have failed to capture dichotomy as beautifully as the Mets have in playing Wilmer Flores at shortstop and Juan Lagares in center field."


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                          Reports saying McCann signed for 4 years $40 mil.


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                            Mets still shopping at the dollar store.
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                              New GM

                              From the NY Post

                              The Mets’ hunt for a general manager was near its conclusion Saturday, with the team preparing to hire Jared Porter.

                              According to industry sources, the Mets were finalizing a four-year contract with the Diamondbacks’ assistant GM to become Sandy Alderson’s top officer in baseball operations.

                              Porter, 41, spent the past four seasons with Arizona after working under Theo Epstein with the Red Sox and Cubs, where he was part of three World Series winners.

                              “He checks all the boxes,” said former Mets assistant GM Allard Baird, who worked with Porter in the Red Sox’s front office. “He’s got a strong executive presence with a compassion for people. I think that will really stand out.

                              “He will have an ability to manage up very well with a real commitment of organization above one’s self. He has an appreciation for both the subjective and objective analytic aspect in evaluations. He appreciates both. And he’s got a very good network to draw from in terms of adding talent in both scouting and the analytic department, because I know he believes in both of those.”

                              Porter had emerged as a candidate for the Cubs’ GM position, under new president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer, who was elevated following Epstein’s recent departure from the organization.

                              Alderson, the Mets’ president, and new owner Steve Cohen chose Porter over Zack Scott, who has spent the past 17 seasons with the Red Sox, most recently overseeing the organization’s baseball analytics, baseball systems and pro scouting departments. SEE ALSO

                              Imagining Mets free agency without big-time star: Sherman

                              Michael Hill, Billy Owens and J.P. Ricciardi were the other finalists who interviewed for the Mets’ GM vacancy, before the search tilted toward Porter and Scott. In addition, former pitcher Chris Young interviewed for the GM job, but withdrew his name from consideration because he didn’t want to relocate from the Dallas area. Young has since become the Rangers’ GM.

                              Alderson’s original plan was to hire a president of baseball operations, but that idea was scuttled after the Mets failed to receive permission to interview top talent already under contract. The Indians’ Chris Antonetti, the Brewers’ David Stearns and the Rays’ Erik Neander had been potential targets for Alderson.

                              The front office was gutted by Alderson upon his return to the Mets, with GM Brodie Van Wagenen, Baird and Adam Guttridge departing, along with special assistant Omar Minaya. In the interim, Alderson and John Ricco have handled baseball operations. Ricco, a former assistant GM with the team, is expected to remain in baseball operations after spending the last two seasons overseeing special projects with the Mets.

                              “[Porter] is going to be very aggressive, but he’s a very good listener,” Baird said.
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