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Jeremy f'ing Hefner is the new pitching coach

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  • Jeremy f'ing Hefner is the new pitching coach

    A 33 year old with a meh injured career, and whose sole experience in coaching is one year as an assistant. That's who will be supervising the supposed strength of the team. Beyond laughable. Well, I guess the Wilpons saved a few bucks and Brodie can congratulate himself for how "outside the box" he is.

    I'd love to see this guy trying to correct deGrom or the prickly Noah. Great move Mets....
    "There have been artists who have failed to capture dichotomy as beautifully as the Mets have in playing Wilmer Flores at shortstop and Juan Lagares in center field."

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    Careers mean nothing but jeebus this is the guy that's going to "fix" Diaz and Familia?