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    First - don't think you can say he's a strong defender anymore. Still probably better than what we have, but he's not what he was 2-3 years ago

    2nd - He's played 150 games ONCE in his career....he's now 31....combine that with the above and again not sure that's someone who's going to last in CF and someone the Mets are going to have to have a plan B for.....

    3rd - It's nice that he's signed reasonably for 2 more years - about 12 per - tho after that how much/long would you want to pay a 33 year old? This would clearly be a short term move

    4th - Who would even go in said deal?

    Nimmo, Smith, Gimenez, JD Davis, David Peterson are probably tops among the reasonably movable Mets pieces - They'd be really short sighted to start talking Matt Allen, Franciso Alverez types.

    Well the Pirates have Josh Bell at 1B - so I think that crosses Smith off the list. Davis offensively would be an upgrade over Colin Moran at 3B - if the Pirates see him as one, BUT one of their top prospects is a 3B so cross him off. Kevin Newman has SS locked down. Gimenez has a higher ceiling than Adam Frazier (who's "solid") BUT he lands in the same prospect area as O'Neil Cruz who's a SS so cross him off.

    So Nimmo, David Peterson, and ?? from the Pirates side its missing someone there - from a Mets side I'd say Ali Sanchez would do it - but I also view Nimmo highly....I think the Pirates would be knocking on the door for a Josh Wolf or Franciso Alverez which would be non-starters - maybe the compromise is a Newton as another low level, raw talent, with potential?

    I'm not huge on Peterson - I kinda feel like he's a Mike Pelfrey - guy who's stuff seems like it should play better than it does and should be a consistent workhorse at the min, but never really works out that way so I really don't have a problem dealing him. Sanchez is at least a solid backup. I like him better than Nido, but that's not exactly a high bar. With Nimmo the Mets need a lefty bat other than Conforto in their lineup (unless Cano rewinds the clock) as well as his OB skills as a leadoff guy so I'd hate to lose him, but I can't argue Marte wouldn't be an upgrade.

    What it could do, tho I tend to doubt they'll consider it - is open LF for Smith who could fill that lefty bat with solid OB skill - ya know assuming our 30 million dollar man spends the rest of his contract working on his golf game.

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    Probably thinking the Mets have no issues taking on guys with long term deals who's already been suspending for PED usage.


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      Yup... Only other thing missing in the equation is the Mets, asking the pirates to pick up 4 to 5 million of Martes remaining salary so that the Mets have to chuck in another higher end prospect in return...

      If they're gonna go the trade route for cf, I would rather them ante up more and go for betts, but we know that's not happening.. I would take MaRTe, but I'm also not over paying for him.. And would rather have him surrounded by comforto and Nimmo.. Although I do prefer an NiMMO batting leadoff, but if Marte were to come here, he would likely be there instead, so the configuration of the batting order would be somewhat interesting.. In the end, I think the pirates will try to rape us so I will pass and go the 4th outfielder route that should become available hopefully

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        Betts I have zero interest in because he's going to cost every prosect they have and you're going to have to pay him $250+ mil. frankly I've yet to see a team really cash in giving out a contact like that.


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          Again..all a pipedream..but he isthe type of player they should target and want...if the stars...moons..planets solar systems..galaxies were to align..but they can't...just lint in the pockets...but I also dont wish to give up anymore depth in MNL we barely have for a player that is ok..the pirates are gonna place a value much higher than he really is.. The Mets don't have to upgrade the lineup offensively..but defensively and pitching..Im good with going with same formula that Mickey was using..JD/Dom in LF sprinkled in with Mcneil when he not at 3b and I presume Jed at 3b..and a caddie for them late in a cheaper lagares type..use the few penines on Sp/BP and Backup defensive C.

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            Betts - I donít think heíll be as expensive in terms of prospects as a player of his caliber as the Redsox are rumored to not be able to afford him and Martinez and Martinez opted into his contract. Having said that youíll also take the chance that heíll only be on the team for 1 season and heíll be asking for a Harper type of contract where I think $250 mil is on the low side. I see him asking for more in that $300 mil area.

            It would be a bold move. I just donít think they could do that salary with the current restrictions and the fact that they already have Cespedes making $30 mil in 2020. To add Betts it would need them to move salary and could cost a Syndergaard along with a good prospect.


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              Any other big market team would eat the salary tax penalty for this year (as it's basically a slap on the wrist for the first year) knowing there's a bunch of cash coming off the books the season after giving them space again. But of course the Mets would never do that for even small parts, let alone Betts.

              But the question is, do you want Brodie gutting the remainder of the farm for a one year bump when a range of other problems need fixing to be competitive even with him?

              Defense, the rotation, the bullpen and depth remain areas of concern. There's a good core to build around, but would blowing all their cash and prospects for one guy for one year be the right move? We know the Wilpons would never lock him up long term.
              I'm not sure I even trust Brodie to get a fair trade for Marte at this point.
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                Really? I dunno I feel like the hype around Betts is so huge they'll still expect a haul. I mean wasnt the big talking point a Syndergaard + package for him?

                Beyond that I think he's a little overrated due to that monster 2018. That looks like a blip to me. He's pretty consistently a 25 hr .850 ops guy away from Fenway which also would worry me given most of the East are hitters parks. Those are Conforto numbers. 300 mil? No thanks. As I said I don't see those teams spending that competing often.

                I also think that dealing with the pirates would just be easier. Marte isn't as big of a name. There's not as much outside pressure to "win" a deal. Can focus on actual value than names and hype


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                  Sox are loosing leverage in trades talks when the player says he will not sign til fa.. Teams will not fork over the farm nor should they for a soon to be fa.. I don't think the ask will be "extortion" Pricing..

                  Be interesting to see how it as out nevertheless.. No matte5 who the takers are.. With other top shelf star reportedly available on market too (Bryant/Lindor) that could effect market price for betts too..

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