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The Mets just fired Fonzie because Brodie wants his guys in there

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  • The Mets just fired Fonzie because Brodie wants his guys in there

    Alfonzo who has from all accounts done a great job managing Brooklyn and WON the league this season has been "shifted" off the field to an ambassador role because from multiple reports Brodie wants to fill the the managing position with his guys.
    My EntireTeam Sucks...

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    W T F ! ? !
    I guess if liberals didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all


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      Meh.... I have no problem with this. You want a consistent message through the organization.

      Fonzie wasn't some great tactical onfield manager or even tremendous at developing talent from all the reports. Winning with the Cyclones really isn't high praise given that they pretty consistently load that team with college level talent year after year they've finished 1st or 2nd 14 times in 18 fact their worst run has been the last ~6 years where Fonzie was basically the co-head coach since 2014 with Gamboa.....before taking over alone in 2017. He was a solid soldier, but for example Tim Tuefel had more of a buzz around him back when he was managing in the minors than Fonzie has ever had. This is a non-story if Fonzie wasn't a beloved ex-Met. He probably suits this team better recruiting, being a figurehead for latin players, and returning to his role as a roving advisor/scout.