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    Heyman and others reporting Allan signed with Mets.
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      Well done if true....1 down...1 to go....if they get them both then it goes to being a heck of a draft


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        Well not a ton of prospects to report on for the levels that I pay any attention to but probably time to do this again:


        I've been beating the Matt Blackham drum all season. He finally got the bump to AAA and its been a good start - 1 run in 6+ 5K's, 3 Hits. Gotta give him a shot in the MLs.

        Stephen Nogosek did not have a good MLB run - to the tune of a 10+ ERA, but he has absolutely dominated in the minors - thru 20 AAA innings he's still yet to give up an ER. He's given up 2 ER ALL SEASON in the minors - spanning now 40 innings. That's insane. I still don't really believe he's a great MLB option because walks continue to be an issue (19 in those 40 innings), but man I don't know what you do with a kid thats dominating like this.....

        People are sick of Corey Oswalt, but I still have some belief in him - He's given up 3 ER over his last 4 starts while striking out 22 and walking just 2 in 22 innings. If someone goes down for an extended injury he's the guy I'd tap to make 3-4+ starts. Keep him off the AAA --> MLB shuttle and wait until he has a role. I still think there's a workhorse solid 5th starter in there.... Overall 7-3 with a 3.39 ERA in AAA this year

        Some folks have been banging the drum for Tejada to get a call up. Meh - yeah he's hitting .330 on the season, but you know what - Luis was hitting .310. Hech was hitting .350. They are all AAAA players. Could 1 have a good couple of weeks? Sure. They arent the answer for the rest of the year tho. In the last 10 Tejada is hitting .230. Dilson Herrera who yes has 22 HRs could be an option, but he's hitting .240 and .120 over his last 10. All these guys suck

        My suggestion? I'd look to the OF - Raj Davis just came back...and look I know he's not an all-star either, but he gives the team speed and plays defense in CF. Two things they havent had all year. The other option is Carlos Gomez who is red hot in AAA right now - 5 HRs, 12 RBIs in his last 10 games - .350 BA. Really I'd argue any of them over Lagares who's .180 BAA and declining D is just a 0 value add to the club.

        Ali Sanchez got the bump to AAA after a nice run at AA. Hasn't done much yet - hitting .230 thru 15 PAs. Like I've said before he's pretty much Nido with a touch more upside with the bat. Aka next up for the backup catcher job, but likely not a starter - ala Nido, Plaw, etc before him

        7 games back - they wont be heading to the playoffs


        Well our new catcher is off to a hot start - Austin Bossart is hitting .313 since coming over from Philly. So at least there's that

        Maze has kind of flatlined as a .250 hitter this year. Improvement over what happened last year, but still far short of what I thought he would be and what he had been at every level previous....

        Same deal with Gimenez who's had a massive value dropping repeat season. Just continues to sit right about .240. Defense at SS has been mediocre. Still only 20 which is a good 3 years younger than the competition, but bleh. He hit .280 in ~150 ABs in AA last year.

        Villines got dropped back down to AA and went right back to pitching well. Not that he was bad in AAA, but 1 horrific outing kind of skews everything

        David Peterson is another guy who seems stuck in neutral this year ...continues to just pitch to a mid-4 era. Goes 2-3 good games for 6+ 2ER or less and then has a stinker. Just back off the 7 day DL. 3+, 1 ER

        At 7+ back they aren't going to the playoffs this year.


        2 GB they've got a chance for the playoffs in St Lucie

        Thomas Sazpucki - probably the Mets best pitching prospect now finally got whacked - 3 innings 5 ER last time out. He's finally starting to stretch out as he pitched into the 5th inning at least his last 5 times out giving up 7 ER over those games with 29 Ks in 22 innings. Dude is electric...just has to stay healthy. Ace stuff.

        Low -A

        I admittedly don't follow Columbia much, but its worth noting because it's only at this level that the Mets have more than 1 or two guys worth talking about

        Mauricio has become the top overall prospect for the team. Hitting .285 as an 18 year old.

        Mark Vientos hitting .260+ with 11 HRs as a 19 year old

        Lead the way

        Draft picks

        Baty has struggled since going to Kingsport in the Appy league hitting .170 in 80+ ABs now

        Wolf has 4 K's in 2 innings, but also gave up 4 hits and 3 ER last time out

        Matt Allen has given up 1 ER in 2.1 innings - 3 BB / 4 K's

        Jake Mangum has been ok for the Cyclones - .250 / .331 OB% 10 SBs in 110 ABs.

        Nate Jones 3 innings 6 Ks for the Clones

        Zach Ashford .300 with a .410 OB% at 2B for the GCL mets

        Covers the first 6 rounds

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          Well done as usual..

          Dom and Rajai/Gomez would really solidify bench.. Vets for stretch run.. cut bait with Lagares and the POS Alther as well.. the first two can run into one every now and then at least and either D up as good if not better..

          Citifield & Mets...the place where Sluggers Careers go to DIE"


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            Carlos Gomez continues to be hot - hitting .350 over his last 10 games with 5 HRs! He's killing it...given the state of the Mets offense...might be worth a look again

            Stephen Nogosek is having an insane year.... He's now gone 29 innings at AAA without allowing a run. He's now allowed 2 ER in 50 innings between AAA/AA. His WHIP is down to 0.70. He's got 49 K's over that stretch. He pitched 6 innings in the majors and gave up 4x runs there as he's done in the whole season in the minors.... So is he just an extremely lucky AAAA player or worth another look? I ask this - do we really need Mazza on the ML team?

            Oswalt completely dominating.... now sporting a 1.60 era over his last 10 games. His season era is below 3. I want this kid to get a shot at the majors...probably not this year, but he's found himself here at AAA and is having a season like his 2017 breakout in AA.

            Blackham continues to dominate - 1.35 ERA, WHIP under 1. Long overdue for an ML call up

            Nimmo is supposed to get his first back to back action tonight - played the whole game in CF yesterday went 0-4 with a walk

            The team as a whole has actually vaulted itself back into the playoff picture...1 game out....thanks to an 11-2 run


            Gimenez starting to hit a little - over .320 over his last 10, but still only at .240 overall.

            Peterson continues to do his 2-3 good starts, 1 stinker pattern - He had 2 starts where he gave up 1 ER combined, then gave up 7 in 2 innings...then back with a 6 inning 2 ER outing

            Thomas Szapucki got moved up to AA - went 4 innings, 4 Ks, 2 hits, 0 ER in his debut. Just gotta stay healthy he's the goods

            Everyone else completely sucks - this team as a whole has been a massive let down - they are dead last


            Skipping this honestly not much to look at right now...


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              Nimmo 2-3 with a HR last night. They are saying he's going to get tonight off - so much for a quick call up - Same deal with Lowrie who went 1-3. 'Cuse is now 1/2 game out with 5 to play. At this point I think Nimmo doesn't show up until the rosters expand and Lowrie probably another 2 weeks away.

              Can't afford to just cut Todd or Mazza......