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    I know I won't have time to even do weekly updates here this year, but just to give some guys/teams to look for at the top 3 levels -

    St Luice: High A

    Desmond Lindsay - CF: Was a 2nd round pick in 2015. Entered last year as a top 5 prospect for the Mets....had a horrific season in Columbia. Has a good approach at the plate, but power hasn't lived up to the potential he showed in Brooklyn. Good defender.

    Justin Dunn - P: Right along side Lindsay - #1 pick in 2016. Top 5 Mets prospect last year...had a horrible year. Dunn has electric stuff, but concerns on control and size might limit upside. I still think he's destined for reliever.

    Andres Gimenez - SS: Just 19 years old. He's next in the line of Rosario..Reyes... - His game compares more to Renteria tho. He held his own as an 18 year old in Columbia last year. Great glove, surprising pop, and a plate approach well beyond his years.

    Luis Carpio - SS/2B: More of a great glove/slap hitter, but another young kid who again has an advanced approach at the plate, but has yet to put it all together.

    Josh Prevost - P: 26 - he's old, but its been injuries not performance that has held him back. Missed all of last year which was a season he should have been in AA. He could move quickly this year if he can show he's healthy. Missed all of last year. 6'7" - heavy sinkerball pitcher. Not huge velocity/K rate - think more Gsellman.

    Ryder Ryan - P: RP - Part of Sandy's bullpen trade bonanza last year....converted SS. Long way to go in learning how to pitch, but shows good stuff. Had a real nice run in Columbia last year - off to a fast start this year 5K's, 1 hit in 3 innings

    Stephen Nogosek - RP: Another trade piece....great velocity. 0 control. 78 K's in ~70 innings last year, but also 30 walks, 5 HPB, and 7 HRs. He's shown flashes when he can get his delivery consistent that he could be dominate, but really needs to take massive strides in control to be a factor.

    Binghamton: AA

    Peter Alonso - 1B: Huge power. Just enough D not to be a DH. Still believe this is the future for the Mets at 1B. He'll be in AAA by June. Just a destructive bat....solid OB%. Legit stud

    Tomas Nido - C: Still a questionable bat at times, but defense has come a long way. Plus thrower. Good pop. They'll look to push him to AAA soon.

    Patrick Mazeika -C: Interested to see how they get him ABs. Great BA, line drive hitter. Had an awesome season last year. Defensively - work in progress, but he's shown the ability to play some 1B to keep his bat in the lineup. This kid's bat reminds me of Fonzie's....hopefully the D holds up.

    Drew Smith - RP: Another trade. Had a dominate run last year. Looked decent this spring. They'll look to establish him as a closer this year. Could be a legit setup guy in the majors. Good mix of pitches and has really made previous control issues a thing of the past. Could see him helping in NY this year.

    Tyler Bashlor - RP: Another big arm with control issues. 60 K's in 35 innings for St Luice last year...the issue? 20 walks over that time too. Fly ball pitcher is going to hurt him if he gets to Vegas. He was really good in AA last year tho - 14 innings, 23 K's...only 4 walks. He continues to throw like that, watch out....

    Gerson Bautista - RP: Another Sandy trade. Pretty much rinse and repeat with these guys. Bautista can touch 100...typically in the 96ish range. 73K's in under 60 innings last year. He's progressing with control issues. For him they don't show up as much in BB's as others more just bad misses that lead to hits. Very Robles-esque. 1 day looks dominating, the next very hittable. Needs to just become more of a pitcher than a thrower, but just 22 so there's time and hope.

    Nabil Crismatt - P: I don't think he's a huge prospect, but he could be one of those guys who comes out of nowhere....except that he's been in the Mets system since 2012...and he's still all of 23. Control pitcher with a plus curve. He's a back end guy at best, but there's enough there that he might be able to contribute some day.

    Las Vegas: AAA

    Dom Smtih - 1B: Do I really need to write anything here? So far he's hitting .455 after 3 games. He'll get his shot in the MLs eventually...despite just being 22 it'll probably be his last shot with the Mets just given the push from behind. Nothing left for him to prove as a hitter in the minors....he just needs to show he's truly a MLer

    Gavin Cecchini - 2B: Had a great spring. Was a let down with the bat last year off of a great season the year before. He's bulked up a bit this year trying to add some more pop to his game. He's in a weird spot because his bat says utility guy, but his glove really isn't good enough to be there. One or the other really needs an uptick this year or he's perma-AAAA fodder. He's shown flashes with the bat before (2016 hit .330).

    Luis Guillorme - SS: 2nd straight really good spring. I still don't believe in the bat and I don't believe there's still room in the MLs for a great glove if they can't provide at least a .700+ OPS.

    David Thompson - 3B: Watch this one. Dark horse in the Mets minor leagues. Big, strong, thick kid...doesn't K in excess. Defensively its a bit of a struggle at 3B, but his arm strength after a couple of issues is starting to bounce back. Is never going to be Wright or Frazier over there, but he moves well and has decent hands....he's not Flores on D. He could take off in Vegas - 16 HRs in Bing last year could easily spell 20+ in LV. Mets like him. I do too. Big year for him at 24

    PJ Conlon - P: Smoke and mirrors. Can't break glass with his fastball (tops out at about 88, usually around 86), but somehow keeps producing - walks no one and gets weak contact. Started to show chinks in the mirage last year tho - 3.39 ERA and a 1.24 whip were BY FAR career highs. Be really curious how he does in Vegas - off to an amazing start with 6 innings, 9 K's.

    Chris Flexen - P: Dominated AA last year and was stupid pushed to the majors. I'll be honest I kind of think he probably should be starting in Bing instead of Vegas just to get that stink off of him...but whatever. Kid has good stuff, great command, and is only 23. He's a legit prospect and a mid-rotation kind of pitcher if he can stay healthy.

    Corey Oswalt - P: Came out of nowhere to finally have a healthy and dominating year last year. Great command and saw his fastball velocity tick up a bit into the 94-ish range last year. Great change and slurve. Big kid who despite all the previous knicks, should be built for a full season and tons of inninings - 6'5" 250 with most of it in his lower body.

    Jamie Callahan - RP: Sandy trade again. Doesn't have the raw stuff of Rhame, Smith, Bautista, etc, but its probably more of a complete pitcher.

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    TX for the update. .nice summation..

    2 points..

    Conlon.. Is weird he can be so effective. Does he have some weird funky delivery that makes him hard to pick up? Is he groundbalk or flyball pitcher? Sounds like a guy that would need a strong d behind him.

    2b...the FUTURE. Been thinking/wondering what is the plan going forward for 2019 since Cechinni doesn't seem destined as the option.. Lj Mazzili fizzled out. Would they try Guillermo there? Or will the plan be FA. Dozier the big one available.. Other than Murphy lol.

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      Yeah Conlon's delivery hides the ball really well until late. It's hard for hitters to pick up his release point. Combine that with Bartolo kind of control and understanding on HOW to pitch and that's how he's been effective. Like I said tho he started to show some cracks last year - prior to AA he had been unhittable - 12-2 era of 1.55, WHIP .95 in 160 innings..... Last year was a "massive jump" to 3.38 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP..and really those numbers were saved by a terrific 2nd half....his era was over 4 thru June. So I'll be interested (and surprised) if he can remain effective in the PCL. If he does, maybe he has just enough of Bart in him to be something in the MLs. Because he's got such mediocre stuff he's kind of one of those guys you root for....he's doing it via his head and those pitchers seem so rare now.

      Mazz was NEVER a prospect. I'm not a believer in Guillermo - the glove is very good, but to me a tad overrated. He's not the 2nd coming of Rey-O where you're talking about a potentially redefining D at the position...honestly I don't know that there's a massive difference between him and Rosario....but in any case really I just don't believe he's going to hit with enough pop to be worth sending out there every day. In today's game I don't think you can have a player who's slugging is going to be below .350 - his career minor league slugging is .328. His ceiling is utility guy off the bench just because he makes enough contact to be a ~.270ish hitter. I look at him and see Anderson Hernandez....without the speed...with a little better eye/approach at the plate.

      I still think I'd plug Wilmer at 2B and just give the kid a shot at 500+ ABs to see what happens. You've got very good gloves at 3B, SS, and potentially 1B (Smith).... You can hide his glove at 2B - now if Alonso is your 1B of the future I'd probably hold that thought as he's a borderline DH - you'll need a good glove at 2B then.... I also havent given up on Cecchini but I think this might be his last shot to produce - in in 2015 he hit .317/.377/.440 in AA....followed that up in 2016 with .325/.390/.450 slash line in Vegas. He followed that up with a handful of really good ML ABs. Then last year he just never got it going, but his D improved dramatically - .267/.330/.380 - not what you want to see in a guy "repeating" a level....but those previous 2 seasons still give me hope. If he reverts to form - why can't he get a shot at 2B? He's still just 24.

      You really only need a guy to hold the spot for maybe 2 years before Gimenez is ready....he's the real guy to look at for 2B in the future.....

      I mean yeah Brian Dozier would be awesome...but it's not really the Mets way is it?


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        I just dont think Mets will ever give Flores the FULL SHOT..they are already pigeon holiing him into RH platoon 1b..we sahll see if Callahan deviates from that mindset as the season goes on..Cechinni had a decent perhaps he will be given the shot if he has a good year..

        I mention Dozier..because..with the market having BIGGER fish.. HArper/Machado/ Kershaw off the top of my head.."perhaps" Dozier flys under the radar a little and while the BIG fish in the pond try to outbid each other for them..hopefully, if he is deemed the right fit..then he will be targetted..

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          Just for giggles - Alonso now hitting .444 with a 1.468 OPS - 2 Hrs, 3 doubles..... BEAST!


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            Originally posted by MrHat View Post
            Just for giggles - Alonso now hitting .444 with a 1.468 OPS - 2 Hrs, 3 doubles..... BEAST!
            They should see if D Smith can catch or play 2nd. LOL
            My EntireTeam Sucks...


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              Some early highlights/results -

              Las Vegas: 3-8

              Smith - .295 BA, .985 OPS
              Cecchini - .310 BA, .825 OPS

              Oswalt is the only guy pitching well - 3.00 ERA, 9 innings / 12 K's - 1.10 WHIP

              Rumble Ponies: 3-5

              Alonso killing it - .370 BA, .870 SLG, 1.200 OPS
              Maze is not - .071 BA
              Crismatt - 1.74 ERA, 12 K's in 10 innings

              St Luice: 6-4

              Dunn 0.00 ERA - 10 innings, 14 K's, 3 BB.
              Ryder 0.00 ERA - 6 innings, 9 K's
              Gimenez .270 BA, but 13 K's in 10 games....still for a very young player holding his own


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                What mention of Ty "Babe Ruth" Kelly?? lol..has he been asked to pee in the cup yet??
                .395 .439 .921 1.360 4hr 11 rbis..

                Man I hope the list expands to get a few "suprise" players coming out of nowhere to perform.. depressing overall list to look at ..

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                  Those kind of guys we'll need to wait on....even some "surprise guys" that are doing good early...its just such a small sample size now that its not worth mentioning.

                  Crismatt is one of those guys in AA....he's been a very early surprise....

                  Tim Peterson a 27 year old who's always had good/solid numbers is off to an insane start - 6 innings / 14 K's

                  Bautista is in AA also off to a great start - 5 innings / 11 K's

                  All potential useful pieces, but waaaaay too early


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                    See there's your surprise guy as Bautista got the call-up..... If Reyes doesn't turn it around soon (he can't go hitless for April and stay here...right?) I think we'll see another roster move.

                    Some updates from this week -


                    Thompson is getting hot.....
                    Guilorme is still hitting under .200
                    Cecchini has gone ice cold (1-15)

                    Peterson still hot - 8 innings / 16 K's
                    Flexen given up 2 runs total in his last 2 starts....


                    Alonso is still hitting .360+ with no one doing ANYTHING around him... the next highest BA in AA? Tebow @ .250


                    Gimenez had 3 hits last night up to .283 with an .800 OPS - outstanding early results for a 19 year old in high A
                    Dunn got knocked around last time out - 8 hits, 3 walks, 3 runs (2 ER) in 4 innings. Still haven't seen this kid go more than 5. Still believe he'll be awesome in the pen, but not as a starter.
                    Ryder continues to mow down everyone.... if Bautista is sticking around in the majors this kid deserves the bump to AA soon


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                      IF they did Axe reyes..wouldnt shock me if they gave Ty Kelly another shot at utility role for the big club.. Laat I saw Evans wasnt hitting much after being sent down..
                      ACCEPTED TRUTH: That I will be ROYALLY F**CKED OVER by EVERY TEAM I ROOT FOR (METS, JETS & KNICKS) !!!

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                        Quick weekend update:

                        Colon's magic has vanished - 13 runs in 6 innings in his last 2 starts....hate to say I saw this coming....
                        How the #*%& does Tim Peterson have 19 K's in 10 innings....
                        Drew Smith got the bump to AAA - not looking so good - 6 runs in 6 innings, 4 walks

                        In AA Maze finally got it going 6-12 over the weekend...too good of a hitter to have been as bad as he was at the start....
                        Crismatt with another 6 inning / 9 K performance.... could he be having an Oswalt-esque come together?

                        whole lotta nothing going on down in St Lucie right now


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                          So this is early, but I really can't help but root a little bit for this guy...

                          Tebow....he's actually holding his own on AA. In fact, right now he's pretty much the 2nd best hitter on the team behind Alonso - who we may seriously need to start looking at a May promo the way he's abusing AA. (I believe Maze will continue his hot streak - 10 for his last 25 and pass Tebow before long, but still...) there's a bunch of AA "vets" on this squad - Jeff McNeil, Oberste, Urena, Stuart....he's outplaying all of them. Combined with the fact that the AAA OF is an absolute **** show - minus when Nimmo shows up - Den Dekker and Brentz are barely hitting .200....its not a crazy huge reach that Timmy could actually make AAA this year.

                          Now take all this with a bit of a grain of salt - he's still only hitting .250. His only HR was in his first AB. His OPS is .720 - but again he's 2nd on the team in RBIs, 2nd in doubles. He's drawing a decent amount of walks (still K's a ton) and you'd think with his strength as the weather warms up he'll start sending more of those doubles over the wall. I'm rooting for him....not to ever be a starter in the MLs or anything, but just to actually play well enough to have a shot at doing something there (as opposed to the eventual circus side-show unwarranted promo he'll get one of these years). He's not Bo Jackson / Brian Jordan, but he's proving himself not to be Michael Jordan.....

                          In other news - Dom Smith is missing an opportunity right now - A-Gone has gone ice cold. He's 3 for 23.... but Smith is too. Down to .246 in AAA and the K's are high.

                          Chris Flexen is getting back on track after a bad first start - he's now given up 2 runs in his last 14 innings.
                          Marcus Molina made a shitty AAA start - 4.2 4 ERs

                          Down in St Luice
                          Dunn finally made it into the 6th - going 5.2 giving up 2 runs 6K's and Ryder remained perfect notching the save. Now 11 innings, 4 hits, 14 K's for him....


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                            Cecchini got red hot over the weekend 7 for 14 - .350 BA / .950 OPS
                            Flexen 5.2 - 2 ER - 7 K's
                            Smith went 7 for 13 - .286 BA / .837 OPS


                            Alonso now up over .400 - .403 - 7 HRs, 18 RBIs, - 1.278 OPS - 14 BB / 15 K's - player of the week. I mean his numbers are just off the charts right now.....
                            Crismatt dominating again 6 IP / 1 ER / 3 hits / 6 K's - his era actually went UP with that 1.20 on the year


                            Gimenez still hitting around .270 there not much to report.
                            Dunn 5.1 2 ER 3 K's....meh


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                              Anything to like/keep an eye on with this guy? potentially useful? or is he the Ty Kelly of the OF or AAAA talent? Off to a good start this year..and numbers last year, suggest not a fluke (slightly ahead of last years numbers) LH corner OF it appears..dont know how good his D is.. Team could use a LH bat off the bench with some POP especially if Nimmo and Conforto both starting..
                              ACCEPTED TRUTH: That I will be ROYALLY F**CKED OVER by EVERY TEAM I ROOT FOR (METS, JETS & KNICKS) !!!

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