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  • Update 9/7

    Just updating for the Rumble Ponies playoff run....

    They take game 1 vs. Trenton 4-1 -

    Oswalt continued his breakout season with 7 innings, 1 ER, 5 Hits, 1 walk, 7 K's

    Peter Alonso had the big hit right in the first inning with a 2 run double (1-2, 2 BB, 2 RBI). STUD.
    Nido went 1-4.
    Maze unfortunately didn't play.

    For some reason they are reached out to Randy Knapp from AAA to pitch game 2. I much rather have seen Conlon or Molina get it as they threw both just short stints back on the 4th. Apparently Terry Collins has journeyed to AA to help manage.....

    Just to recap the rest of the Mets minors -

    Las Vegas won their last 4 games to pull avoid the worst record in the PCL. They finished a year when their pitching was just horrific. They finished with a 5.40 team ERA.

    No real news and notes here. For the team it was disappointing, but the roster turned over like it was supposed to - Smith, Rosario lived up to the billing. Nimmo had an injury rattled season that starting in the WBC, but he's getting his chances now. Cecchini improved dramatically defensively with the fulltime shift to 2B....wish he'd get a little more regular time down the stretch for the Mets. Plaw / Reynolds continue to be bench type pieces firmly planting themselves as AAAA players. This team had no shot from the start once the ML staff started to go down. Instead of likely having a rehabbing Wheeler, Gsellman/Lugo, and Montero in their rotation...and because of early injuries guys like Flexen and Molina never got the time in AA to go support AAA down the stretch....they had a bunch of guys who will be bagging groceries next year.

    St Luice finished the 2nd half at 30-40, last in the South. They were 33-35 in the first half.

    They got an unexpected boost with Flexen and Molina getting time to start the year there....had they been healthy out of the gate they should have been right in AA. Without those 2, this team struggled to find pitching. Gonzalez got dealt off in the Ramos deal.

    Justin Dunn was horrific. He still has elite stuff, but he has 0 control (75 K's to 50 BB) and tires quickly. He had an era barely over 2 during his first 2 innings and an era of about 8 in the 3rd+. As a reliever he pitched to a 1.59 era and looked dominating. I think the Mets are going to give him an offseason conditioning program and let him have 1 more shot at starting, but his frame and delivery scream reliever to me. He could still move fast if he's shifted to the pen.

    Andrew Church is a middling prospect and he was disappointing as well.

    Peter Alonso and Patrick Mazieka were the standouts here. Anyone who's read anything I've posted this year knows I'm hyped about Alonso. Legit 30 HR, middle of the order 1B bat. I think he's going to destroy AA next year. Hell he already hit .350 in 40 ABs there this year.

    Maze also got the surprising bump to AA with Nido's struggles at the plate. Maze is the opposite. While Nido has turned himself into a pretty good defensive catcher, his offense has suffered. Maze still has a way to go defensively, but his bat is a pure line drive coaches dream. He plays like Plawecki...great contact, good eye, okay power. The question will be can he actually translate that to the majors should he get there.

    Becerra sucked. Like Dunn, hugely disappointing season. Hit .260 with 0 power. Shoulder injuries....beware.

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    BMets lose game 2. Knapp sucked gave up 6 runs.

    Alonso had another 2 hits.

    Smith struggled giving up a couple of runs putting the game out of reach. His first real struggle with the team this year.

    Molina up for game 3 tonight.


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