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8/28 Update

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  • 8/28 Update

    Las Vegas

    See the Mets.

    Jacob Rhame has looked legit (grandy trade) - 7 K's, 0 Hits, in 4 innings thus far. Should get a look in Sept.

    Jamie Callhan has been good as well (Reed trade) - 9 innings, 9 K's, 2 ER. Same deal.

    B Mets

    Have clinched a playoff spot and as such all the best guys from A ball have been moved up. How's that working? Damn nicely....

    Pete Alonso got bumped and has hit .350 in 20 ABs. He's why I don't even question the Mets letting Smith work it out at 1B. If Smith struggles next year, Alonso is a legit option at the mid-point the way he's hit since June. Don't panic and sign some fool. You've got your 1B for the next decade right here.

    Pat Mazieka is splitting time with Nido catching, but its not going to take him long to claim the main spot. He's hitting .333 since being called up with 5 doubles and 5 RBIs in 6 games.

    Speaking of Nido...he's been terrible. .150 over his last 10. He's the better defensive player, but it's not like he's elite there. Big questions where he ends up next year if Mazieka is set to be in AA.

    Oswalt is actually getting better as this season goes - 1.53 ERA over his last 10. He's now 11-5 with a 2.37 ERA. 17 of 23 starts with 6+ innings and 2 or less ER. Wow did not expect this kind of season from him. He's moved himself into the top 15 prospect talk for the Mets.

    PJ Conlon got back into the rotation after Milone was called up. He's throw 7 scoreless innings in his last few start/relief outings. K's are way up. 10 in 7 innings. Still smoke and mirrors, but he's having success again.

    3 straight really good starts for Molina who's hit his groove here in AA now. His last 2 were 7 innings, 1-2 ER, 5-6K's. Best of all he's been healthy and throwing hard all year. Welcome back to the prospect pile Marcus!

    Drew Smith (The Dude) finally got touched up the other day, walking 3 in an inning and givng up 2 runs, but outside of that he's been damn near perfect. Now sits at 11 innings, 3 ER, 5 BB, 10 K's.

    St Luice

    Season wraps up Sunday. They've been terrible this year and all the best performers (Flexen, Molina, Maze, Alsonso) moved on.

    Becerra finally showing signs of life, just way too late - he's hitting .320 over his last 10, but overall its been a **** season. He didn't do enough IMO to vault to AA at the start of next year which now means it'll be a 3rd straight run in A ball. He's still only 22, but the sun is setting on him quickly

    Tebow continues to suck after his fluke 2-3 weeks.

    Wright sucks 1-10 with 5 K's no BB.

    Justin Dunn has 1 more chance to get that era below sad. He's been terrible.

    Bautista (Reed) has looked awesome. 15 K's, 8 hits, in 11 innings. Just 3 walks. If he keeps that kind of control he'll move fast next year.

    Nogosek (Reed) has struggled...his era is over 7 now. 12 K's in 11 innings, but 7 walks and 14 hits. He's had 0 control