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MLB Steroid Abuse??

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  • MLB Steroid Abuse??

    Who in **** really cares?

    It's been all but proven that the "new fan", with the attention span of a gnat, loves a freakshow and has no interest in the nuances of a 1-0 pitchers' duel where the winning run scores on a squeeze.

    If it wasn't for the juice-ridden 1998 "homerun chase" MLB might be in the shitter right now.

    **** it ---

    Put 'em ALL on 'roids.

    I want to see some 5'7" relief pitcher come in in the 9th inning of a 13-11 game throwing 105 MPH and face some 6'7" 350 lb meathead with forearms as big as my shoulder span and a waistline smaller than mine.

    Oh, and the guys on 2nd and 3rd are former Olympic sprinters who can still hit 9.9 in the 100M.

    Seriously - WHY does ANYONE give a flying **** WHAT athletes are doing to themselves?

    If any of YOU could shorten your lives by 15 years to make hundreds of millions of dollars you know damned well you would have. How many wannabes do we have posting here? We've got some college and high school athletes and hangersons, we've got a couple of guys that might have had pro tryouts.... you telling me that you wouldn't do it??

    ****ing liars. One and all.

    I had a tryout with the Rockies in 1992, if someone told me that juicing for 3 years up to that time would've gotten me the 5 year/$25 mill contract that Mike ****ing Lansing got to play 2B, you bet your last pube that I'd be taking my heart and liver meds right now.

    These jagoffs are entertainers. They aren't gods, they aren't role models, they aren't people teaching, raising and providing medical care to your kids.

    They're entertainers. Like the WWE muscleheads, they are paid to put on a show. Like the surgically enahnced porn whores of Vivid Video, they are paid to provide us amusement and diversion - something to do when work and careers become just too much or too stressful.

    If the public wants that show to include 550 foot homeruns, 100 MPH fastballs in the 9th inning and guys that can run 4.2 40's, then that's what MLB needs to provide.

    Do any of you REALLY care if these guys kick off at 50 from enlarged hearts? Do any of you know SQUAT about the lives of ballplayers from 30 minutes on after they retire?

    More importantly - do they care about YOU?

    If not, let 'em 'roid up and put on a show and we'll forget their names when they aren't worth watching anymore.

    "Oh!!! but the integrity of the game!!! You can't keep proper historical context when comparing the all-time players!!!"

    Guess what statnerd? You can't anyway.

    Go ahead and compare Ruth, with no Black competition and no physical training against Mickey Mantle who didn't have 21st century medical access for his assorted ailments to Rafael Palmeiro and his "better living through chemisty".

    You can't. Don't try.

    You compare players against their contemporaries, not against the dead and buried.

    Call 1990-the "medicinally enhanced era", just like the "deadball era", the "liveball era" and the "pitchers' era" and ****ing be done with it. Who knows, maybe in 2030 we'll have the "bionic era" where the blind and broken down get new eyes, electrically driven improved smooth muscle twitch and indestructible joints.

    Shut the **** up and enjoy the show.

    **** it, I want to see robots smashing each other into dust. Before I die, I want there to be pay-per-view battle royale style executions pitting teams of child molestors against teams of aholes that sell meth to teenagers.

    Ok, maybe that's going too far.

    But the children!! The children!!!

    If you suck so bad at parenting that your kids go and kill themselves with HGH, then nuts to you. My tax dollars don't need to be shoveled into a bonfire to protect your kids from doing **** that they'd be doing with or without the media coverage of pro sports.

    Hell, when I was in HS 20 years ago kids were doing amphetamines before and during track meets and football games. Frankly, I ate them prior to a couple of 400M dashes before the heart palpitations and throbbing in my head scared me shitless. (I would later learn to enjoy these side effects, but that's another story.)

    The moral of the story -----

    Watch the games, teach your kids right from wrong and let the jocks determine their own fates based on their personal actions.
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