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  • Did anyone here know??....

    I was looking at some stuff on - Major League Baseball Statistics and History and found out that El Sid Fernandez is #3 on the all time list in hits/9 (6.851) Just behing Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax (!!) and just ahead of J.R. Richard and Pedro Martinez.

    He is also #17 in k's/9.

    I thought that this was kind of cool.

    (MAN those mid 80's Met starters could pitch...)
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    You are so bored. I would recommend you partake in other activities, but 93% of the alternative things you would do are illegal.
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    Mark my words, Cano or Hughes will be in a Mets uniform next season.
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    {On the Yankees offseason acquisitions}I guarantee that Lester OR Scherzer aren't far behind...


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      Watching that starting rotation spoiled me forever. After the incredibly bad teams that preceded the 86 team, it was like magic that season. Sid really knew how to pitch. He was also fun to watch running the bases. Good times...


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        Unfortunately for Sid he would usually walk two and allow two doubles in the seventh. He was probably one of the best six inning pitchers in history. Boy would he make a lot of money today...
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