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Orioles Deny Reported Bedard Trade to Seattle (Baltimore Sun)

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  • Orioles Deny Reported Bedard Trade to Seattle (Baltimore Sun)

    MacPhail denies reported Bedard trade --

    Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said tonight that the club has not agreed to trade ace pitcher Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners for a package headed by young center fielder Adam Jones, despite reports that a deal is done.

    "We do not have an agreement with the Mariners," MacPhail said.

    The speculation started after Jones was ordered by the Mariners to stop playing for his Venezuelan winter league team in the playoffs. The 22-year-old told a reporter in Venezuela that he was headed to Baltimore to get a physical because he was traded to the Orioles in a Bedard deal.

    "GM [Bill Bavasi] called me yesterday and told me the news. I've got to go to Baltimore tomorrow morning and handle things there," Jones told a reporter from Diario Panorama in Venezuela. "I'm the centerpiece of the deal on the Mariners side. It's an honor to get traded for such a highly talented pitcher as Bedard is. He's one of the best. Last year, he finished up as an arguably one of the top candidates for the Cy Young. He's that good, so for me it's an honor. You know, I like Seattle, but if I am in Baltimore, as I think now I am, I'm going to embrace it and have the best time of my life in Major League Baseball."

    MacPhail said Jones is not coming to Baltimore for a physical.

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    Wow, what a clusterf&ck. So you have a player being told he was traded, but the trade didn't go down? Another Angelos screw job?
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      deny deny deny...deny it until it is official


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        If this deal falls through, Omar better pick up the phone to Balti. If Adam Jones was the centerpiece, we could probably get Bedard for three top prospects (Gomez or Martinez, Humber or Pelfrey, Guerra or someone else). Hell, Bedard could work out better for us if we can throw them 3 prospects, tack on a year or two to his contract, and sign a big FA for 2009 without losing 4-6 prospects the Twins are asking for.


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          I would love to see the Mets somehow get Bedard, then have the Twins get stuck with Santana and only get draft picks.
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