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"Omar is God, Omar is God"

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  • "Omar is God, Omar is God"

    Time for some hard truths. Minaya has probably caught lightning in a bottle with a lesser known player once again, and virtually everyone bitching right now will be clawing to get their fingers all over the inside of Church's jock once he starts peppering doubles all over the 371's. By June, Schneider's gonna make Jerry Grote look like the bastard son of Alberto Castillo and Mackey Sasser with his cat-like reflexes, razor sharp pitch-calling ability and above average mask-throwing-away on popups. Meanwhile, Lastings will languish in the murder capital of America where he belongs; there, he can quietly develop into the best Nationals outfielder ever, which is kind of like being the best Delgado asshair ever. And everyone's gonna be like, "Omar is God, Omar is God, I told you he wasn't a racist".

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    I hope you're right. I hope Schneider and Church make me feel like a complete baseball idiot for ever doubting their abilities. I hope Schneider makes people forget Johnny Bench. I hope Church plays right field better than Roberto Clemente. I hope the two of them contribute to the Mets running away with the division.

    I don't think its going to happen, but I hope you're right.


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      I hope these two clowns are traded away for some real players.
      The 2018 Mets - making the Titanic look buoyant.


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          I don't know why you're bumping this thread. Clearly Schneider is nothing more than a mediocre mask throw awayer.