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  • Ted Cruz: Electable

    Oh yeah, when the media starts in on him, Mr. I'm Beating Hillary in the Polls (When No One Still Knows Who I Am), totes has a shot in hell.

    Yes, this is PMSNBC, and although it's a little spliced and diced, it doesn't appear edited in any meaningful way. When it's so bad that libs don't have to edit and alter your meaning, you know it's bad.

    (And by the way, this didn't happen ten years ago. Or twenty years ago. Or even five years ago. Or one year ago. It was like, just freakin' now. Like November. Great appearance, Ted. Very savvy, Ted. VERY SAVVY. You let yourself be introduced by this guy during an national electoral campaign in 20 motherf*cking 16. And... how exactly are you still a thing again?)

    No matter your politics, you're still reading. You really must watch this. I'm kind of surprised I didn't know about it, but there ya go. I wonder why no one knows about this yet. Any guesses? Oh, I know, it's because the Democrats don't want to face Scary Ted "Paint the Map Red, He's the Next Reagan" Cruz. So I didn't know about this. But what frightens me more than anything is that if it wasn't for Trumpy, this is the thing we were all destined to know. All of us. Forever. Starting in maybe July. Or October.

    And Trigger Warning, if you can't stand the sight of Rachel Madcow, then fast forward to, ohhhhhh, roughly the 20 second mark. Holy sh*t. You don't even need Madcow. Or subtitles. Or sign language. Or a shovel hitting you on the face. Let's just say the thing speaks for itself. So without further ado, the Democrat's dream candidate, Mr. Tone Deaf, The Hardest Working Man at Throwing the Entire Republican Party Into the Smelly Heaving Putrescent Dustbin of History on Our Rickety Way to Communism and Desolation So Please Vote Hillary, Mr... Very... Savvy... Ted... Cruz...........
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    2-1 odds Kevin Swanson is banging little boys
    “President Obama is a personal friend of mine,” said Rickles. “He was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke.”

    It's early!!!

    Be the kind of person that when your feet hit the floor each morning liberals say "Oh crap he's up"


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      Oblamer's relationship with Rev. Wright had no impact on him.

      This "reverend" is completely insane.
      The 2018 Mets - making the Titanic look buoyant.


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        Glad to see you've come around on electability, my friend. Unfortunately for us, Rubio dropped out over a week ago.


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          Originally posted by NeilAllen View Post
          Glad to see you've come around on electability, my friend. Unfortunately for us, Rubio dropped out over a week ago.
          Yeah but I thought Trump was electable. Silly me.