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Metscc and Trump have one thing in common...

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  • Metscc and Trump have one thing in common...

    Both got kicked off Twitter! ‍*facepalm*

    Metscc though due to one too many triggered libs reporting his profile (no pic and follower number that was less than how many Mets have played third) to be a nefarious foreign entity bot!

    The blaze of glory Trump is going out on says two big things for party candidates going forward;

    -This pretty much ends the notion that someone not already in a government position, or military (I can still see Generals or former Heads of the Joint Chiefs getting propped up) can just run as a major party’s candidate.

    And that the way the non-traditional (anything non-legal or public service) background types should enter the national stage should be on the House or State Governor levels.

    -This also ensures no more “likable” or “speaks his/her mind” candidates.

    Despite the likes of Truman, JFK, Carter, Regan, Clinton and Dubbya, going forward you’ll most likely will see the Michael Jordan/Derek Jeter approach of “making it seem you gave them something, when you really didn’t give them anything.”

    Though I’d imagine that if the campaigns or eventual administrations still wanted a likable, folksy, firebrand, affable, etc persona, it would probably be from the Press Secretary or whomever they’d send out to various shows with the candidate’s/President’s message.
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    I think this election cycle was a repudiation of extremism, as the far left ALSO got wiped out. There is a big, juicy 60-65% in the middle that is ripe for the picking for he/she who knows how. For the WH, you really only need to break 50% and you will win both pop vote and ec. The whiny EC argument has a simple solution: win a MAJORITY. You will also win the EC if you do,. Of all the times it didn't happen, it was 1876 and we know what happened there. Tilden is literally the only candidate who won more than 50% and lost the election.