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  • The Spy who shagged Swallwell

    Is there anyone in the democrat party who is totally beholden to their Chinese masters.
    “President Obama is a personal friend of mine,” said Rickles. “He was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke.”

    It's early!!!

    Be the kind of person that when your feet hit the floor each morning liberals say "Oh crap he's up"

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    is or isnt? I mean, as peter navarro insinuated, covid was unleashed upon us becasue it was their first year in 3 decades where their GDP tanked, so they did it out of revenge, Please don't deny this and make me dredge up the video...

    My thing now is how EVERYONE engages in the art of self-serving rhetoric regardless of how it looks on the before/after split screens, where we can easily skewer both sides for utter hypocrisy. We are in some interim period between what was and what will be, But this limbo sucks balls. I was never actually afraid before. I always figured there was some social/political osmosis. That the pendulum would come back. That the USA was set up to return to a center. Too much cui bono on both sides for it not to. I no longer believe that.

    on edit: is it my selective memory or has every election since 2000 had the losing party cry foul? Only exceptions were the Obama wins. GOP reluctantly admitted it. I remember excoriating my fellow libtards in 2000 telling them they were embarrassing themselves. If Gore had won his home state, he wins the election. Home state losses and winning potus are more rare than incumbent defeats.
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