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Interesting take on the mail-in vote debate

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  • Interesting take on the mail-in vote debate

    Saw a Twitter take by some Blue Check named Bill Mitchell suggesting that if Tik Tok and other youthful social
    media platform users/“influencers” and K-Pop “stans” (from the Eminem song about his crazy stalker, no clue why it’s used in a positive light in pieces about Korean pop-music fandom) were able to successfully troll and disrupt Trump’s rally over the weekend by over-requesting and purchasing tickets they had no intention in being in attendance for*, are there safeguards in place to ensure shenanigans like that do not happen with general election mail-in/online voting?

    *Oddly I’ve heard of performers trying to ensure a sellout in a local venue suggest to their global fan base to purchase tickets to show’s the fans have no logistical way of going to, and leave them as will call tickets so local fans of that performer(s) could go. Not sure if that “paying it forward type of scam” worked (where the local fans picked up previously purchased tickets by others around the world) as I’ve only heard about it a handful of times being done.
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