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Iím in a womensí studies class! Seriously.

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  • Sterling_Archer
    started a topic Iím in a womensí studies class! Seriously.

    Iím in a womensí studies class! Seriously.

    I need 60 credits every two years to keep up my administratorís license, and as always, procrastination makes desperation.... so right now, Iím sitting in - - -

    Women and Mood Across the Lifespan: A Biopsychosocial Diagnostic Look.

    no. Seriously. Iím the only guy. Literally. The. Only. Guy...... Close your eyes and imagine.... if you will ... the ramifications.

    Iím sitting here in an audience in front of a dykyish clinical psychologist explaining why women are better than men, but are more prone to mental health issues - - and how men are to blame for everything wrong in America. OH! And how we objectify women as a general rule.

    finally, about 45 deep into this hot mess the instructor puts up a PowerPoint sheet that basically says that women are four times as likely to suffer from severe clinical depression as men... and she asks why.

    my hand shot up, and I yelled ...... ďBECAUSE WE SUCK!!Ē.

    THEY APPLAUDED and murmured things like.... he gets it... finally, one admits to it ... kudos to that one.

    I said it ironically you shrews!!

    Added bonus!!

    There is an absolute hottie white chick sitting next to me talking about her black hubby and mixed race kids piping up how important it is to have multiracial families because WHITE men are the problem, and BLACK culture is superior.

    Iím THIS close to opening my wrist.