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  • Just what the Knicks need

    Knicks to sign another over the hill washed up player

    King Sheep

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    This team is going to be a disaster... and somehow closed the conceivable window to literally 1 season. I hate MSG


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      Meh he can post up, he can hit the 3, and he plays good D. I got no problem with it. This team is old as dirt, they are going to have to go 10+ deep on the bench pretty often. I think its a good move that compliments what they have.

      This team is going to be tough and nasty....physically going to shove a bunch of teams around. They are going to grind their way to a lot of victories IMO that have passed them by in the past. It's been a while since the NBA has seen a team like that...I certainly understand the arguments against this style and against the age on this team, but I actually like the construction of this team better than any other Knicks have run out there since probably the LJ Knick days....


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        i agree with you too hat. I really love their defense. The surrounding players should more than make up for carmelo and amare's defensive weaknesses.
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          Yup my only real concern with this club is obviously health when you have this many old players an Amare' being able to put up the high efficiency 20 a night this team needs from him.

          You know Melo is going to score. You know they have enough of a surrounding cast to get some offensive production from whoever the hot hand of the night is...Can Amare' be that 50%+ guy who only needs 15 shots to put up 20+ points? If they get 45+ a night from Melo/Stat, they'll be a top 3 seed in the East as I see them right there, if not better than Boston/Chicago as the best defensive/rebounding teams in the game.