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  • 2017-18 OFFSEASON

    So Knicks do just as they usually bad enough to not make playoffs..but win just enough meaningless games to avoid getting a Top lottery pick so miss out on High end talent..makes it so tough to rebuild..

    29 wins..2 fewer wins then last year..and over last 3 season..they are averaging 30 wins..blech. do list:

    Can Coach: CHECK.. grateful they were quick and decisive for a change. who to bring in..really wish for a young up and coming promising coach. Looking how Callahan has brought fresh vigor to Mets early on..hoping they can find a similar jewl somewhere that will mold and help develop the young roster that is developing..other than a Jay Wright..I can't say who that could will leave that to the experts..

    Positives: very little.. the discovery and refurbishing of Trey Burke heads the list Think he has shown to be a keeper/useful piece. Troy Willaiams and Kornet also showed soem promise.. and ending of season run by Nitlikina was encouraging..but still alot to go there..but hopefully good start to build on in offseason as he works on getting stronger..still unsure if he is legit..but certainly gonna give him a chance. Mudiay showed what he was..cant shoot and little to no D.. at best a backup.. worth a shot for the price..but failed so would rather they move on and give minutes to Burke and Frank entirely next year.

    Negative: Injuries( KP) was supposed to be a big yer for him taking over the mantle as go to guy on team..started out as all that and a bag of chips..but fizzled as season went on BEFORE injury..
    The whole at SF.. Lee and or HArdaway were not the answer..and that led to Lance Thomas being used way to much out of is the TOP PRIORITY for this team..which leads to the draft.

    Mikal Bridges remains my top preference/choice..but fear he will be off the board unless the knicks win coin flip for once in their life or ping pong balls fall like mana form the gods..

    I guess Knox/Miles are the fall backs..but Miles more of a PF..and Knox a sg that could grow into sf if developed properly..probably go with Knox I guess but that could change.

    EDIT: My standing when i first look must have not been realize Knicksd pick not TIED with Bulls but firmly locked to 9th..wonderful!


    Hard to put up a wish list without knowing if the incumbant starters at C opt out in Kanter/ Q . Hopefully they BOTH do.. which would open up the caps space to pursue gut tells me it will be Q who opts out and we stuck with Kanters big salary for 1 more year.. The other ginormous anchor o=in Noah needs to be readdressed as well.. perhaps Horny being out of picture opens up the possibility of him wishing to stay and give it another go with Knicks.. Really hope they find a taker for Lee and Thomas..just for opening up roster..I know Lee is a good soldier/verteran but he is not part of the future so would rather move on now before a new coach tries to play him over a kid again and hurt development.

    Alot of name in the market though which could really be nice pices both short and longer term..

    from unlikely possible to possible IF KAnter opts out freeing money.

    Forgetting the cream of the crop that I wont even mention since unrealsitic.

    Jabari Parker would be great.. More realistic possibility Wilson Chandler offers flexibility at multiple positions..

    For C... Noel..young raw..could bring needed D.. Monroe could be and option too short term.. Favors would be ideal...but doubtful gettable.

    Tyreke Evans and W. Barton would be useful/nice..but likely out of range as well..but few other lesser names could will be interesting how it shakes out.
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    Agreed on Mudiay....just cut bait. Guy is garbage. Ride or die with Burke/Frank.

    Kornet, Dotson, Williams seems like solid bench players.

    Hardaway is a good #3 option, but they still need a 1/2.

    Agreed on Lee/Thomas.

    Have to see how the draft shakes....I'd be fine with Carter or a Bridges (Mikal over Miles)....Knox a distant 4th. I'll do more homework on some of the other guys once the ping pong balls screw us.....

    0 chance Kanter opts out. So peace out to KoQ. Can't keep both those guys on the roster again IMO.

    Next year is gonna be a ~30 win season too....KP isn't coming back till around anything they do this offseason should be geared for 2-3 years from now. No more Jack, Beas, types.


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      Agreed.. I like to take a chance on proved athletsm and D if Kanter come back (likely) have him come off the bench like he did at OKC for scoring..Perhaps he accepts MLE.. to restart career..

      I know its way to hard to predict..and its based on who gets selected in 1st..but who are potential sleeper you would keep an ey on for 2nd round.. One mock shows K. Tillie who I nothing about..but another shows Mo Wagner being available in that range..I think that could be intriguing and a good get..

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        The Knicks intend to contact Villanova's Jay Wright about their head coaching vacancy, the Daily News has learned.

        According to a source close to the club, Knicks management believes Wright would be a perfect candidate for a rebuilding club. Wright, who has won two national championships over the last three years, has been linked to NBA jobs in the past but has never given any indication he wants to leave Villanova.

        "He told me years ago that he wanted to make Villanova into the Duke of the Northeast," says a person close to Wright. "It would take a lot for him to leave.".....
        EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL he would leave it all to take the plunge to coach this disaster..but credit them for at least trying..

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          Agreed...he'd be a fool to leave.... especially for NY - but there were also rumors about him going to Philly...either way he'd be stupid. He's lining himself up to be the next face of college basketball after coach K. Sit there and enjoy life.....

          In terms of 2nd round guys - ugh so hard this early and especially where the Knicks pick. If Jontay Porter is there - then that's a time to take a look at a project like him.

          Chandler Hutchinson is a kid I like - long wing who can attack the basket like crazy. Needs a better outside shot, but love guys who can just out ball someone 1 on 1.

          Shake Milton - the dude's name is can you not love that?!? He's kind of the Frank of SF. Dude oozes potential, but is crazy unselfish. He could be a point forward if needed too. If nothing else, great catch and shoot guy.

          Diop is a potential 3 and D player but still needs to get his shot more consistent and his motor more consistent. If he could have the energy of the next guy on the list he could be a really good player....

          Rawle Alkins is just a dude who's motor keeps running and is built like a tank. Not sure he has the offensive game to stay in the NBA, but I love his attitude - he's got a little Mase / Chris Mills to him. Easy to root for.

          There's not too many bigs I like in the 2nd round. Mostly wings. There's some PG's I like (Jevon Carter), but honestly rather not muddy the water with Frank and Burke there already and I really want Dotson/Hardaway to sit at the 2. So mostly I'd focus on wings and bigs...but its hard to know need there until we see what goes down with Kanter/o'Quinn


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   yay or nay Mo Wagner than? What you know about Kevin Tillie from Gonzaga.

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              Like I said I don't really like any of the big guys in the 2nd round....

              I think Kornet is a better player than either of those guys.

              Wagner plays 0 D...doesn't rebound...doesn't block shots.

              I believe its Killian Tillie...who's a garbage man. He's a good shooter, but I can't say I noticed anything else in his game. He got all his points off of other people creating easy/wide open opportunities for him.

              Rui is the guy from the Zags worth paying attention to, but he's going back for 1 more year.


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                Sums it all up..


                Here come the sabermetrics results...

                Frank's D wasnt as good (elitesque) as I thought the number would show..but the offensive numbers match the eye test..something to build on.. the expected..

                I pray Knicks don't fall for the bait on Kanter long term contract the end..I'm gonna say Knicks say no to long term contract and Kanter responds by NOT opting out..

                Would you have an interest in Jabari Parker and or Noel as a FA target(s) IF Knicks miraculaously have the opt out(s) kick in? IF not hen only offer one year contracts to whatever crumbs are left in FA market and ride the sludge out I suppose..bad part is..tanking (which Knicks NEVER DO RIGHT) and the fact that seemingly the draft calss for next year is weak reportedly, wont help the rebuild..


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                  How much does Parker cost? He's not signing for pennies. With his injury history you can't give him a max deal. I love his game...I'd definitely be willing to take a risk on him, but he was asking for a max deal even while injured. He'll be an RFA so Mil can match anything...there was rumors they were going to offer him 3 years / 54 you gotta top that which means you're talking Hardaway money for a guy who 1 year out of 4 in the NBA hasn't been dealing with some kind of major leg injury. I'm interested...the years/money gotta work tho.

                  Noel. Again money, but on an even bigger scale. A 1 year 6-7 mil prove it deal? Absolutely. Anything more than that I'd rather give the money to KoQ (who is a better player at this point).

                  I hope to see them avoid 1 year deals unless is on some sub 28 year old prove it type situation.... There should be no need for Jack/Beas type deals when you've got Kornet/Williams/Burke. If Kanter bounces, they should use that money for a longer term deal for someone with talent that isn't an injury mess or long term project.


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                    I seem to recall hearing during season Jabari was unhappy being a buck and couldn't wait to be fa.. But dont remember if that was pre or post kidd as coach who we know know can be a pita.

                    I don't know bucks cap situation.. To know if they are strapped to match an offer. .Perhaps he wants to step out of GA's shadow.. He could look to make a name for himself here.. If the $$ is right if course as always comes into play as well.. Idk what the market will bear for him. But should be decent. Noel I really could see taking a 1 year prove it deal.. He was in dog house in Dallas.. So needs to recertify image for sure.. Totally agree on not cluttering roster with retreats why I specific ally mentioned Jabari/Noel as both young pieces for future. .back track on others Chandler/Evans as not ideal.

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                      So Fitz and Stackhouse to be interviewed this week.....

                      Rumor is they reached out to JVG and possibly Jackson. Along those line JVG is rumored to actually be receptive to this one.... I can't argue against Jeff. I know folks will bring up that his offense was pretty offensive - but that was a decade ago. He has coached recently outside of the NBA and won. I think he has enough smarts to bring his experience into the modern era and actually bring defense to this team. But lets be least next year, probably the next 2 no coach is winning here.

                      Why I like Jeff is the fact that we've had 4 coaches in 4 years. I don't know that he's the answer, but he's someone because of his track record you're going to let get at least 3 years burn. Fitz lasted 1 season. Stack hasn't coached at the NBA level so potentially you're right back into the Derek Fisher / Rambis / newbie 1 and done guys. Mark Jackson just has too much baggage. If this team goes and wins 30 games each of the next 2 years is Fitz or Stackhouse going to be allowed to stay and grow? Obviously the "how" matters, but that's a tough sell to Knicks fans.

                      I doubt Jeff is the hire, but I'd like someone with that kind of experience or pull (Wright would be the college guy who I think gets 3-4 years to see what he can do) where at the first signs of struggle the fans and front office aren't at odds over the HC.


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                        Yip.. All in agreement.. But a little cautious that Jeff has been on sideline for so long.. But resume speaks for itself. .and your other point would be the key point for me. .STABILITY.. But I also wonder if Perry/Mills wouldn't want the Vet. .but a more "controllable" Coach.. Kind of how shanks did with dumping Girardi.. That plus the connections.. Makes me think Stack might have the edge. .oh and you left out other candidate/

                        As far, as draft.. Bulls won the coin toss.. So will have #6 currently.. And are reported to want a wing too.. With Orlando presumably locked radar on to trae young.. Perhaps this helps Knicks in getting Mikal. As bull now in position to perhaps have Porter there instead. Making sac the wildcard.. I thing Cavs would go Bamba with their pick in this scenario.
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                          You know what **** this team. Realistically whoever they chose won't change **** and they will be the same old Knicks. Next season is already a lost cause with the KP injury, but even then they'll probably still finish with the 8th 9th 10th pick and never get the next needed piece. Even if Mikal falls to us everything i've seen about him is that he's a complimentary player not a play maker. Sounds underwhelming to me.
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                            Ian Begley@IanBegley
                            The Knicks have not shown any interest in Jeff Van Gundy as a candidate for their head-coaching position at this point, league sources told ESPN. Full story coming.
                            2:54 PM - Apr 16, 2018

                            So.. Scratch that name off list. .

                            Final Four now.. Blatt.. Jackson.. Tisdale.. Stack house... Supposedly Woodson is too tier candidate as well. . I can't believe it.. Maybe they picking his brain on Tisdale.. Or if he would be an assistant for stack house..?
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                              Out of that....give me Stackhouse. I just get the vibe they are going with Fitz tho....terrible choice imo.