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  • Preseason

    So game 1.

    jack looks done. Sessions has this in the bag...but he's not as good as the rookies behind him or even Baker...enjoy your mentor role for 40 games or so Ramon..then it's time to hit the road

    Frank should start....because Sessions can't play D or shoot. Really I'd just leave it as Frank and Baker, but we know that won't happen.

    Dotson is a menace on D he needs to play. He's like Lee on crack

    I like McBuckets starting...smooth shot...but dear lord don't play him at the 4...ever. He was horrific there

    KOQ needs to come off the bench to protect the rim when KP is out...not start

    Kanter really is that bad defensively....Lee and Noah need to be in the game when he's on the floor

    Lee was a steal machine love this guy...hope we send you somewhere nice

    Lance Thomas has no role on this club....even if Lee is dealt...sadly I think the same with Kuz.

    No close out D played by this team. The Nets shot 50% from 3. Very little communication on switches...this happens when there's too many guys who need mins. No continuity on D.

    because of all the flaws of guys on this club going to be hard to come up with a 9 man rotation...Perry needs to clean things up pretty soon.

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    Here's what I'd like to see...the future is KP, Timmy, Frank, Willy. Then there's the 25 and under club we need to find out about - Kanter, Dougie, Baker, Dotson.

    Lee and KOQ are assets that have value... I'd like to see a late first for Lee and I'll wait till we get it...he's good ...I'll take a 2nd for kyle...he's clogging things up here.

    Noah we are stuck with, but he serves a role playing either off KP, who can't rebound or off Kanter who can't D.

    Lance and Kuz are similar...good D, suspect O. Don't really care what happens to them. Don't see a role for either.

    Beas is a guy who is a wild card, give him 20 games and see what he's got.

    I'd start Frank, Timmy, Dougie, KP, Willy. Willy helps KPs rebounding. Everyone helps Dougie D.

    Baker, Dotson, Beas, Kanter, Noah as the full 2nd unit. Hoping the guards help make up for the big on D. Good rebounding. Kanter is the offensive focus, with Beasley the transition guy. Dotson can go sit in a corner and wait for the Kanter double team.

    I know this isn't day 1, but hopefully before the end of the year we're here


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      Looks like they'll win about 3 games this year
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        Originally posted by METSSC View Post
        Looks like they'll win about 3 games this year
        I hope so! If Frank and KP play well and they get a top 3 pick, that's just about a dream season at this point.

        My biggest fear for this team is that guys like Willy, Dotson, Frank don't get consistent, legit mins, while guys like Lance Thomas, Beas, Noah, KoQ, Lee, etc get extended burn....and I love Lee. He's a terrific glue player, but we know who those players are...they've already hit their ceilings. Gotta learn something about these kids and honestly the only way they are going to stop anyone from scoring is with a lineup like Frank, Dotson, Timmy, KP, Willy.


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          Obviously this season is about development not wins. Both the coach and GM have said that this is the case multiple times during training camp, so you have to assume mins for the kids is going to be prioritized over playing a vet who might give a slightly better chance for a win.

          They don't even need to get the #1 pick this year. As long as you're in the top 5 you're getting a game changer. This years draft is very top heavy. All the rumored top 5 guys could all vie for the #1 spot as of right now. Donic, Bagley, Porter, Bamba, Ayton. Personally for the Knicks i'd want Porter, Bagley, Donic in the order
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            Only issue with Porter and Bagley is they are really 4s in the NBA....same as KP. Donic is a facilitating 2/3 player so I lean that way a little more, but his D worries me. It would extend our Euro connections and help if Frank doesn't prove to be a pure point this year....doesn't hurt that he's spent the last 2 years playing against Pro's rather than High Schoolers too

            I do agree that Porter and Bagley are probably the top 2 pure talent wise tho. Porter is Durant all over again...I think he's the #1 pick unless something dramatic changes...if he's there you gotta take him and figure it out later. Bagley is kind of a bigger version of Josh Jackson, can do a little of everything, but not really elite at those guys are interesting - he's probably more Lamar Odom than Lebron tho so I don't know I take him over Donic.

            I kind of want Bamba just because he's a lock to be an elite defensive / rebounding Center at the next level. I think him and KP would put an end to the penetrating guards who normally eat this team up....and again the Knicks really need to start building some defense. Hopefully Dotson and Frank are a start there, but they need help. Timmy is never going to be more than average...and KP is an elite blocker, but poor defender/rebounder. Willy looks to be an elite rebounder, but he's a poor defender too.

            Ayton would follow after all of them.

            Bridges is the guy I would avoid that some boards have sneaking into the top 5...I hate tweener players. In theory he's Justice Winslow with an actual jumper, but I still question that he can score enough to justify a top 5 pick. He's more of a #10-12 type player to me.


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              The more I see of KoQ this preseason, the less I want him in a rotation.

              Hopefully this Houston game was the last game we'll see Jack. He's just horrible.

              Dotson had a major coming out party. At least let him have Holiday's role....honestly I'd like to see him start



              Hopefully Horny shrinks the rotation....I know there's a lot of guys they want to get a look at, but most of them aren't really good.


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                Teams interested in KoQ/Thomas

                Pull the trigger. Like I said ideally I'd want a decent 2nd round pick for O'Quinn, but honestly at this point just need to move some folks off this team that are not part of the future. I'd think Cleveland would be interested in another big. They are playing Love at C...which will then make T2 a backup...but beyond them there's not much there. Maybe Miami depending on how much they actually want to use Bambam this year...he's barely been getting burn in the preseason. I would have thought OKC would be a good spot too, but I suspect they would have included him in the Melo deal if that was really a fit. Is Phoenix ready to give up on Chriss after drafting Jackson and giving Warren a long term deal? Memphis after losing ZBo?

                Anything other than a longer contract I'd take for expiring deal would be ideal.

                I like that they are open to trading Lee for the right deal....again, to me its for a late 1st round value there. He's a good player. He plays up to his contract. His D, attitude, hustle, and consistency (something LT and KoQ lack) are great for the kids to see. He has value as a mentor so I'd like to get something of decent value for him.

                Decent break down of cap space (or lack there of) too.


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                  Originally posted by MrHat View Post
                  The ymore I see of KoQ this preseason, the less I want him in a rotation.

                  Hopefully this Houston game was the last game we'll see Jack. He's just horrible.

                  Dotson had a major coming out party. At least let him have Holiday's role....honestly I'd like to see him start



                  Hopefully Horny shrinks the rotation....I know there's a lot of guys they want to get a look at, but most of them aren't really good.
                  Exactly whayi what's thinking.. Kind of why I wasn't totally on board with your original lineup with MC buckets.. Dot brings effort D .. Do you think Dot could grow into a 3? That would be ideal..

                  Oh and Knicks trying to corner market on shitty backup pgs.. Just brought Trey Burke on board.. Maybe Jack gets dumped now .. The more Frank sits out.. More likely he aint gilonba be ready to start.. Let alone contribute meaningfully out the gate.. No Frank and sore kp.. Boy.. Shouldn't be too hard to finish top 3 for top pick.

                  Somebody should definately bite in koq.. He makes so little.. Makes it easy to fit him under anybody's Cap.. Lee a little trickier.. But more useful a player.

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                    Dot doesn't look strong enough to be a 3....Lee and Timmy are both thicker than him even if he has the reach/height advantage....maybe 3 years from now he could, but currently and likely next year, no.

                    Trey is D-League fodder. He's worse than Jack IMO...and that's saying something. My gut is that Sessions is the starter day 1 mostly due to Frank's nagging injuries, but once he's healthy I think he takes it.

                    My 12 would be:


                    KoQ and Thomas gone. Kuz has been hurt and honestly I'd rather see is McD can learn to play some D since he's far more useful offensively.