New York has finally legalized mobile sports betting, leaving the Governor’s office with the responsibility to implement it. Sportsbooks are expected to bid for mobile licenses throughout the rest of 2021. The first NY sports betting apps are expected to go live at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Either way, New York officials want New Yorkers to be able to wager on the Super Bowl over their phones. 

In the interim between legalization and launch, interested bettors can begin to get an idea of which sportsbooks will serve them best. Although New York currently has retail sportsbooks, mobile sportsbooks will bombard bettors with ads about welcome bonuses and loyalty programs. We’ve curated the mobile sportsbooks likely to launch first. But New York will likely attract far more mobile sportsbooks than our initial list. When New York’s sports betting industry reaches maturity, bettors will have no problem downloading and using several different sportsbook brands.

3 Best NY Sports Betting Apps

What Are The Benefits Of Using Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In New York? 

There are a few things that set legal, licensed sportsbooks apart from illegal – or not explicitly illegal – sports betting options. 

First, bettors have immense flexibility in how they want to wager on sportsbooks. Licensed sportsbooks offer websites where bettors can wager from their laptops. But licensed sportsbooks almost always have iOS and Android apps, too. They operate in a free market that rewards accessibility, so licensed sportsbooks make their products available in as many formats as possible. They also don’t have to skirt around the law, so they can offer many platforms. 

Second, licensed sportsbooks have all their software and services tested before they’re made available to bettors. So, bettors know that the apps they use are safe and functional. They also know that games are fair and that bettors will be rewarded based on the odds they locked into if they win.

Overall, licensed sportsbooks offer superior products that give bettors greater convenience than anything an illegal sportsbook can muster. 

How To Install Online Sports Betting Apps On An Apple iOS Device

Finding and registering for a sportsbook app on an iOS device is easy. Here’s a quick list for bettors who need to find a sportsbook, register for an account, and start betting. 

  1. Search the App Store for a sportsbook app. Bettors may decide to pick a sportsbook based on odds trends, welcome bonuses, or ongoing promotions. 
  2. Download the desired sportsbook app and find the ‘register’ button. It’ll be in the top right corner of the screen or it’ll be in the middle of a welcome page. 
  3. Go through the registration steps to create a sportsbook account. If bettors have a promo code, then they can enter it on the first or third registration step, depending on the sportsbook. 
  4. After registering their accounts, bettors will have to make their first deposits. They can find the ‘deposit’ section near where bettors went to register their accounts. 
  5. After depositing money into the sportsbook, bettors can begin betting.  

How To Install Online Sportsbook Apps On An Android Device 

Downloading sportsbook apps onto Android devices is pretty much the same as downloading them on iOS devices. However, Androids have one wrinkle: where to download the apps from. 

  1. Search for the sportsbook app in the Google Play Store. If bettors don’t find their desired sportsbook app there, then they should try navigating to the sportsbook’s website. If bettors are using an Android device, they can often download the Android app from the sportsbook’s website. 
  2. Bettors should find the registration button either in the top right corner of the screen or in the middle of a welcome screen that some sportsbooks put together just for newbies. 
  3. Bettors should complete the three registration steps. If bettors have a promo code, there will be a spot for bettors to enter the promo code on the first or final step of the registration process. 
  4. After registering, bettors can make their first deposits, then their first wagers.  

Three Best Online Sports Betting Apps In New York 

Several competitive sportsbook brands will take advantage of New York’s new mobile sports betting regulations. However, three of our predicted brands stand above the rest: BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel. 

BetMGM New York

BetMGM is the child of a partnership between MGM Resorts and Roar Digital. It allowed one of the largest casino resort brands to cast its net beyond its Las Vegas and Macau properties. BetMGM offers many sports for bettors to wager on. Bettors will find popular mainstream sports and niche sports like handball. Each sport is further divided into many leagues. Soccer is especially prolific, with multiple leagues from many countries around the world. 

However, BetMGM also offers many types of wagers. Bettors will find standard game lines on all their favorite sports. Futures of all kinds are available, too. But BetMGM offers an easy parlay option, too. It’s a special tab that lets bettors build parlay bets quickly. They’re risky, but risk-seeking bettors shouldn’t mind that at all. High-rollers just have to be ready to put their money where their mouths are. 

FanDuel New York 

FanDuel is DraftKings’ most formidable direct competitor. DraftKings is in the largest number of states, but FanDuel can lure more bettors to its sportsbook in some markets than DraftKings can. It has a large sport, league, and wager selection. However, its welcome bonus is FanDuel’s star feature. New bettors can redeem a $1,000 risk-free bet. If bettors lose their first wager, then FanDuel will credit bettors’ lost stakes, up to $1,000. That encourages bettors to make their big bets first so they can hedge some of their risks. They just have to be careful to not overextend themselves. 

DraftKings New York

DraftKings is a fantasy sports giant turned sportsbook and online casino–New Yorkers won’t get to use the online casino, though. DraftKings is another good sportsbook for new bettors. It’s easy to navigate, with clear navigation options in a banner at the bottom of the screen. Its A-Z sports list makes it easy for bettors to browse through sports that are both familiar and strange. It’s one of the market leaders in sports selections, even offering odds on the Olympics and esports. 

At DraftKings, bettors can claim a $1,000 deposit bonus. However, bettors have to follow two steps to redeem it. First, bettors have to make their first deposit. That first deposit sets the number of site credits bettors can redeem. Next, bettors need to wager money. For every $5 they wager, bettors will get $1 in bonus credits. For high-rollers, DraftKings’ welcome bonus is one of the most competitive. 

Top Three New York Mobile Sportsbooks Summary 

iOS AppAndroid AppAverage Review
BetMGMYes - 28.5MBYes - 17MB3.5
FanDuel Yes - 43.4MBYes - 28MB4.2
DraftKingsYes - 155.4MB Yes - 101MB3.9

How Different Is One Sportsbook App From The Next?

Overall, sportsbook apps are similar. They all offer game lines on the most popular sports and leagues. They all offer most of the same bet types. Finally, most sportsbooks use similar layouts. However, even though there’s a lot of overlap, sportsbook apps differ in a few important ways. 

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses vary widely among sportsbooks. From BetRivers’ $250 risk-free bet to DraftKings’ $1,000 deposit bonus, each welcome bonus offers something a little different. However, welcome bonuses are only redeemable once. So, bettors should consider other factors when they’re choosing sportsbooks, too. One factor may be the quality of ongoing promotions. Bettors may look for promotions of a certain size, type, or synergy with bettors’ betting behavior. Even though welcome bonuses are the most visible difference between sportsbooks, they shouldn’t be the most important to bettors. 

Sport And Wager Availability 

Not all sportsbooks have the same number of sports or leagues. Virtually every sportsbook offers lines on the most popular major league sports, like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Soccer, golf, and tennis are common favorites, too. But Gaelic football fans will have narrower choices than American football fans. Some sportsbooks don’t have the oddsmakers with the expertise to offer lines on less popular sports. If bettors want a constant stream of live bets, they should consider large sportsbook brands with even larger sports selections. 

Navigation Quirks 

Navigation is similar among sportsbooks. But navigation can differ in important and sometimes irritating ways. For example, many sportsbooks have an A-Z list accessible at the bottom or side of the screen. That lets bettors survey sports at a glance. That lets them find familiar sports and explore new ones. However, some sportsbook apps hide the A-Z function and make bettors scroll through clunky icons instead of browsing a simple list. Bettors should try moving around their prospective sportsbook before committing to it. 

What Makes For A Good Mobile Sports Betting App? 

When mobile sports betting launches in New York, bettors will have many sportsbooks to choose from. There are a few things that bettors can look for to tell a good sportsbook app from a mediocre or poor one: navigation, seamless deposits, bet access, and bet tracking. 

First, a sportsbook should be easy to navigate. Great odds don’t do any good if bettors can’t find them. If bettors hate trying to find their ways through a sportsbook, they don’t have to put up with that. There are plenty of apps with great odds and promotions with seamless interfaces. 

Next, a good sportsbook should make depositing money simple. Depositing funds is obviously a critical part of the sports betting process. A good sportsbook app will make it quick and easy for bettors to connect a bank account or a card to fund their accounts. 

Bettors should have easy access to their favorite types of bets too. Some sportsbooks have navigation tabs just for all their sports and live or featured betting lines. These quick navigational tools can make finding bettors’ favorite types of bets easy. 

Finally, good sportsbooks should make it easy for bettors to keep track of their bets. If bettors place multiple wagers on a bet slip, then they should be able to tell which bets have closed and which haven’t. Bettors shouldn’t have to do a ton of work to see how their bets play out. 

How Can Bettors Deposit Money In Online Sports Betting Apps In New York? 

Depositing money into a sportsbook account may seem like a highly involved process. But at most sportsbooks, deposits only take a few clicks to accomplish. Here are the most common deposit types and some deposit options that bettors may be surprised to find unavailable. 

Methods To Deposit Money Using An Online Sportsbook App 

Common deposit methods include bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and online wallets like PayPal and Skrill. Each of these options has its pros and cons. Bank transfers are convenient for both deposits and withdrawals. However, some banks block transfers to sportsbooks because sportsbooks are gambling products. If that’s the case, bettors are better off using their debit or credit cards to fund their sportsbook accounts. But bettors who want to keep their gambling money separate from their personal funds could consider a PayPal account. 

Some sportsbooks offer Play+ cards that bettors can use to fund their sportsbook accounts, too. However, most recreational bettors won’t have those cards. Nevertheless, the Play+ card option is available for bettors who have them. 

Apple iOS Users

Apple users may be wondering whether the gift cards they’ve allowed to pile up in their drawers fund sportsbook accounts. However, they cannot. iTunes gift cards and Apple Pay are still not secure enough or tied strongly enough to a bettor’s identity to be used as sportsbook deposit methods. Apple Pay could develop into a product that could be accepted at sportsbooks. But for the foreseeable future, iOS users have to use the same deposit methods as everyone else. 

Android Users

Android users are in the same boat as iOS users. All the Android folks can’t use Google Play Store gift cards or Samsung pay. They have the same limitations as iTunes gift cards and Apple Pay. Samsung Pay and Google Play Store gift cards aren’t tied to one bettor’s identity. So, sportsbooks can’t tell whether the cardholder is the one making the deposit. Samsung Pay could develop into a viable deposit method, but it’s not there yet. Google Play Store gift cards will likely remain at the bottom of bettors’ junk drawers for years to come. 

Is Using A Legal Online Sports Betting App In New York Safe? 

Yes. They’re safe for bettors to install on their phones. They also go to great lengths to protect bettors’ personal information. However, they offer a few ways for bettors to secure their accounts, too. Here’s everything bettors need to know about sportsbook security. 

Are Legal Sportsbooks Ok To Install On My Phone? 

Yes. During the application process, sportsbooks will have to have their apps, websites, and software examined. An independent auditor will test the sportsbook’s products for security and any other issues. The Gaming Commission and the sportsbook will get copies of the findings and recommendations. By the time that bettors can download the app, it’s safe to use. They’re secure enough to hold bettor data and protect it. 

How Do Legal Sportsbook Apps Protect My Personal Information? 

Legal sportsbooks have a few ways to protect bettor data. One of the most common ways that sportsbooks protect their data is by using end-to-end encryption. That means that while bettors are typing their social security numbers into their sportsbooks, their data is disguised. This prevents hackers from stealing data with a screengrab or something like that. Bettors also go through mountains of identity verification measures to make sure the person depositing and withdrawing funds is the same person. 

How Can I Secure My Mobile Sports Betting Account? 

Sportsbooks aren’t the only ones who are responsible for account security. Bettors can take a few basic steps to protect their mobile sports betting accounts. First, bettors can keep their accounts to themselves. Letting people into an account undermines the account’s security. Second, bettors can set up two-factor authentication if it’s available. Finally, bettors can set a password that’s different from the one they use for their other 38 website and app accounts. Nothing trips a hacker up like not reusing the same password for every single account. 

Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In New York: FAQs

How old do I have to be to play on New York’s legal sportsbook apps?

21. New York allows young gamblers to play the lottery and bingo. But the sportsbooks are going to be limited to people who can also gamble at retail sportsbooks. Retail sportsbooks are inside casinos, which have liquor licenses. New York didn’t want to send anyone under 21 to casinos en masse to place sports wagers, so mobile sports betting is only available to older bettors. 

How do online sports betting apps in New York verify a player’s age and identity?

Sportsbooks can use the social security number bettors enter during registration to verify bettors’ identities. However, some sportsbooks request additional documentation, like a government-issued ID or utility bill if they need more information. However they do it, mobile sportsbooks make it difficult for anyone who’s underage to register for a sportsbook account. 

Who regulates online sportsbook apps in New York?

The New York Gaming Commission. It sets industry rules and vets sportsbook license applicants. When mobile sportsbooks launch in New York, it’ll be because the New York Gaming Commission gave them the go-ahead. It’s also why bettors can trust that their sportsbook apps are safe and secure. 

What kinds of sports can I bet on using online apps in New York?

Bettors can bet on all kinds of sports with sportsbook apps. Popular sports and niche sports in the American market make up sportsbooks’ selections. However, sports and leagues must have clear rules for oddsmakers to set odds and create lines. That’s why some esport leagues are available, but something like larping isn’t. 

Are legal online sports betting apps in New York available in Apple's App Store?

Yes. iOS apps can always be found on the Apple App Store. If a sportsbook offers an iOS app, it’s easy to find in the App Store. Some sportsbooks have one app regardless of which states it’s active in. Smaller brands have different apps for each state they go into. Bettors should keep that in mind when they’re downloading sportsbooks. 

Are legal online sportsbook apps in New York available in the Google Play store?

Some are. The Google Play store only started allowing gambling apps in early 2021. So, some sportsbook brands have put their Android apps on the Google Play store. However, many Android apps still have to be downloaded from the sportsbook’s website. Bettors can visit the sportsbook’s website on an Android device to see whether there’s an Android app available. 

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