Sometimes there’s nothing more fun and relaxing than kicking back with some online slot games at the end of a weekday or on the weekend. Online slot games often have stellar graphics and engaging gameplay; plus, they don’t require you to head down to a casino to engage in play.

However, New York still has a flat ban on online casino activities that involve real-world cash. Therefore, you can’t play online slots for real money in the Empire State. But you can enjoy online slot games found on popular sweepstakes and social casino apps. 

Let’s explore how you can enjoy online slots in New York and where to find the best sweepstakes and social casino slot titles.

The Best Online Slots In New York

You can’t play online slot games in New York if they involve wagering or rewarding real money. That’s because all online gambling activities that involve real money are banned. While the Empire State does allow online sports betting, online casino games are still heavily regulated.

However, you can enjoy online sweepstakes and social casinos and their various activities, including slot titles. On the plus side, there are lots of great online sweepstakes and social casinos to choose from. All of these casinos have tons of slot titles to check out!

Slots at Sweepstakes and Social Casinos in New York

In a nutshell, slots at sweepstakes and social casinos in New York don’t have you wager real money with each spin of the game. Instead, you wager valueless digital currencies, usually called Gold Coins or something similar. You get this currency for free by logging in. You can also purchase them, usually at price points such as $4.99 and $9.99. When you play a slot on these sites, you may receive Gold Coins back, which you can then use for another slot game.

However, there is another mode of play. You can also play with a different currency, usually called Sweeps Coins. You earn Sweeps Coins for free as part of various promotions, and you also receive free Sweeps Coins when you purchase Gold Coins. When you play 

When you build up enough Sweeps Coins, you can eventually redeem them for cash prizes. Note that these online casinos are legal in New York—and almost every other state—because you play for free and don’t wager real money. 

Two of the most popular online social casinos include:

  • Chumba Casino. This popular online social casino site is available on both iOS and Android devices. It includes an excellent opening offer that grants you an extra 2,000,000 Gold Coins plus 2 FREE Sweeps Coins for signing up. Chumba is well known for its diverse range of casino-style titles, including over 70 slot titles. You can find progressive jackpot slots, table games, and even a blackjack table on this quality mobile app. The more you use Chumba, the more Sweeps Coins you may earn through participation in the casino’s VIP program.
  • LuckyLand Slots. As its title suggests, this online social casino focuses on slot titles to the exclusion of other casino games. In total, you’ll find over 30 slot games that are completely exclusive to this app. Therefore, you may wish to download both of these casino apps for as much variety as possible. These slot titles are each well-designed and feature engaging, high-quality graphics. LuckyLand Slots is only available as an app for Android devices, however. If you have an iOS device, you’ll have to access this casino via an Internet browser. Again, Luckyland has a great welcome offer: 7,777 GC + 10 FREE SC.

While there are other sweepstakes and social casinos to check out, the above two platforms are the best of the best. They’re well regarded in the casino community and can be found in most US states. Furthermore, these online promotional sweepstakes and social casinos have the best slot titles available. 

Slots At Live Casinos In New York

In addition to online sweepstakes and social casinos, you can enjoy plenty of slot titles at New York’s live casinos. New York has had live casinos for some time, and these are owned by commercial entities or local Native American tribes.

Each of these includes at least a handful of slot games, but others also include table games. Slots at live casinos are fun to play because you can enjoy live casino ambiance and aesthetics while putting your money down. The best live casinos with slots in New York include:

New Yorkers do not lack quality live slots game options.

Free Online Slots In New York

If you want to enjoy free online slots, you’ll have to check out a sweepstakes and social casino app or website. Once there, see if they have any demo modes for some of their slot games. Demo modes for online casinos allow you to try out a slot game or another title without having to wager any money, either real or Gold Coin currency.

Demo modes are great if you want to see whether you’ll appreciate an app’s slot titles overall and if you want to make a Gold Coin purchase. However, demo mode slot titles don’t reward you if you win, so they’re best enjoyed sparingly or for trying an app. Plus, most online promotional sweepstakes and social casinos in New York only offer a handful of demo modes for their slot titles. Most slot games don’t have demo modes.

How Do Slots Work?

Slot games work the same way in New York as they do everywhere else. Here’s a breakdown of how slot games work in detail:


Every slot title has a certain number of paylines. Paylines are the lines or patterns with characters or winning symbols that line up with each “spin” of the game. All slot titles need you to get every reel in the payline with an identical symbol from left to right to see a winning combination. Note that paylines don’t have to be a single horizontal line for you to win – some machines, for example, let you win with patterns like zigzags. Depending on the slot title you play, total paylines can range from 3 to 7 or more.


The payback ratio, also called the return to player ratio, is how much money the slot machine pays back to its players on average. The higher the payback ratio, the longer your bankroll will last, and the greater your chances will be of getting a huge jackpot payout.

For example, if you play a slot game with a 95% RTP:

  • You can bet $100 on the game
  • 100 x 0.95 = $95
  • You’ll then theoretically win $95 back without slot title over time

A higher RTP is always better for players. But slot titles can have payback ratios much lower than this.

Max Bet

The max bet is simply the maximum amount of money you can bet for each spin of a slot title. This can be as little as one penny up to many dollars. Generally, slots with higher maximum bets also have higher potential maximum payouts.

Feature Rounds And Bonus Rounds

Feature or bonus rounds are special rounds you can find during slot gameplay. They’re most often free spins where you don’t have to bet more money to spin the slot paylines again. Others may impact gameplay by opening the game up to bonuses, jackpot opportunities, and more.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are special slot machine icons found on paylines. They usually offer payouts even if they aren’t visible on open slot positions, so they essentially boost your potential profits and allow you to keep playing from time to time. Again, the exact features or benefits of wild symbols depend on which slot game you choose to play.

Progressive Jackpot Slots In New York

Many online casinos and live casinos offer progressive jackpot slots. These slots offer tantalizing jackpots that increase every time the game is played and the total pot isn’t won. The more people play a progressive jackpot slot, the bigger the pot gets and the bigger the potential payout becomes for the lucky winner.

Therefore, lots of people play potential jackpot slots. While the individual odds of winning are low, someone eventually has to win. Lots of progressive jackpot slots have payouts running into the millions of dollars. 

Jackpot slots at sweepstakes and social casinos may award millions of Gold Coins or give special bonuses of Sweeps Coins, depending on the casino platform in question.

Legal Versus Illegal Online Slots In New York

While it can be tempting to check out offshore or illegal casinos since New York’s legalization efforts are crawling along, it’s never a good idea. Illegal online slots are problematic for several key reasons:

  • They are usually poorly made and don’t offer compelling gaming action. Compared to the quality online slots you can find at sweepstakes and social casinos, illegal online slots are glitchy and may not have a great return to player or RTP ratio.
  • Illegal online slots are hosted by illegal or offshore casino apps. These apps don’t have great digital security or SSL certification, which means your personal information and any funds you deposit are automatically at risk of theft.
  • Even if your information or money isn’t stolen by a cybercriminal, an online slot operator could steal your money instead. Such organizations aren’t beholden to any rules or regulations, so you won’t have any legal recourse if you lose your money while wagering at illegal online slot games.

Bottom line: it’s better to wait for online casino legalization in New York than it is to risk your funds and personal information online. Alternatively, check out the many high-quality sweepstakes and social casinos you can enjoy in the Empire State. 

Online Slots In New York FAQs

Is it legal to play slots online in New York?

Only if you find slot games at sweepstakes and social casinos. You cannot play slots online in New York legally if they take real-world money and pay out real-world cash.

How old do I need to be to play slots online in New York?

Typically, you need to be 18 or 19. These are the minimum ages for most online sweepstakes and social casinos.

Can I win real money playing slots online?

Not in New York. Instead, you can play slot games at sweepstakes and social casinos. Once you have enough Sweeps Coins, you can redeem them for cash prizes. 

What types of bonuses are available when playing online slots in New York?

New York sweepstakes and social casinos offer free coins for joining.  You can also get discounts for your first purchases of Gold Coins, and these purchases include free Sweeps Coins.

How do I purchase currency to play online slots in New York?

Most sweepstakes and social casino sites in New York allow you to purchase Gold Coins through debit or credit card transactions, e-wallet transactions, and other means.

Does DraftKings offer online slots in New York?

No, although, DraftKings does offer online sports betting and daily fantasy sports contests.

Does FanDuel offer online slots in New York?

No, but FanDuel offers daily fantasy sports contests and online sports betting to New York residents.

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