Betting On The New York Mets

Betting on the Mets from New York is possible at retail sportsbooks that are dotted around New York State. With legislation pending that would allow New York bettors to wager on the Mets online, online sports betting could become a possibility. Until then, the best Mets betting odds might just be across state lines.

Brief History Of NY Sports Betting

  • 2013- The non-authorization of sports betting online
  • 2018- The overturn of PASPA and opening of the new regulatory framework for sports betting in NY
  • 2019- Although the legalization of online sports betting fails to garner enough support, the upstate casino started to accept first wagers by the end of 2019
  • 2020- The introduction of new legislation to legalize online sports betting in NY
  • April 2021 – Could see a new online sports betting bill introduced in the New York Statehouse budgeting process

Three Best Sportsbook Apps For New Yorkers

New Yorkers can gain access to various sportsbook apps to evaluate and compare the odds in real-time. Unfortunately, New Yorkers are limited to actually placing a bet on the Mets at one of the retail sportsbook locations, which are all located upstate. Or, New Yorkers can travel to either New Jersey or Pennsylvania to place a bet on the Mets there. You don’t need to be a resident of the state, just inside the borders when placing the bet.

Here are the top sportsbook apps that New Yorkers can use:

Sportsbook AppNY App?Nearby States With Online Betting

How To Bet On The NY Mets

New Yorkers have several opportunities to place bets on the Mets. The truth is that anyone can dive into betting with some basic tips. Your goal should be to collect as many rewards as you can on your placed bet.

If you are a beginner, avoid placing bets on favorite players or games. In fact, favorite teams typically have higher prices, and that means smaller payouts. As a bettor, make a habit to follow the New York Mets or other favorite teams to learn about their performance.

In time, you will notice performance patterns, and then you can place bets that will likely render profitable results. For instance, accumulate data on past games and player performances of the New York Mets before you place bets.

Contemporarily, the most famous bets placed on the New York Mets are classified as moneyline wagers. While these bets don’t offer huge payouts, you can still expect decent returns. When it comes to baseball, over/under bets are also popular.

Your bet comes down to whether or not the total runs will be under or over the assigned total runs. Moreover, the fundamental rules of these bets are similar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

How To Bet On The World Series In NY

Sports betting has had its fair share of controversies and legal battles in New York, but New Yorkers continue to bet and engage in healthy discourse when it comes to sports betting.

Today, sports betting boils down to licensed retail sportsbooks in New York that allow wagers to place bets legally. You can check boosted odds daily from the legal and promoted sportsbooks in New York. The short-term boosted odds usually offer much better payout options.

Bettors can also bookmark their favorite sports betting tracker to stay updated about the newest information on the Mets. It is also an effective way to get first in the line of sports betting bonuses. If you want to make your betting experience enjoyable and no matter what type of bet you want to place, make sure you’re in compliance with the law.

Only place bets at legal and licensed sportsbooks, whether that means retail sportsbooks in New York or online sports betting apps in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. If placing a bet online, be sure to check the different odds for the wager you want to place. Some of the online sports betting sites will have more favorable odds.

Where To Bet On The New York Mets

While sports betting in New York has certain limitations, there are several spots you can place your bets on the New York Mets. For instance, several upstate casinos offer retail sportsbooks onsite where you can place bets on the Mets or any other MLB team.

CasinoRetail Sportsbook
Turning Stone Resort And CasinoThe Lounge With Caesars Sports
Rivers Casino SchenectadyRivers Sportsbook
Tioga DownsFanDuel Sportsbook
del Lago Casino And ResortDraftKings Sportsbook
Akwesasne Mohawk: Casino ResortSticks Sports Book
Point Place CasinoLounge With Caesars Sports

Popular Ways To Bet On The NY Mets In Major Events


The moneyline is the most straightforward bet there is. In simple terms, you are placing a bet on a single team to beat another team. With Money Line Bet, you bet on an individual team rather than multiple outcomes.

For example, if you place a bet of $100 on the New York Giant, you can win $30 on top of the original placed amount so long as they win the match. However, with the New York Mets, you will need to place a higher bet because of their favorite status.

Total Runs (Over/Under)

For this type of betting, your wager depends on the total runs at the end of the game. For example, if you bet over 8.5, the same game has to end with cumulative runs of 9 or more. Conversely, if you bet under 8.5, the game has to end with collective runs of 8 or less.


In baseball, spread wagering refers to the straight bet where your team should be able to cover or beat the total run spread. It means that your placed bet for New York Mets has to win more than just outlined runs.

Different Kinds Of Bets You Can Place On NY Mets

In New York, bettors can place all sorts of wagers at online sports betting websites. Beginners, however, should be aware of the fact that different types of bets can render different results.

Parlay Bet

It is an independent wager that connects with two or more bets. In order to win a parlay, a bettor has to win all the bets.

Straight Bet

A single wager on an event or game and determined by a money line or point spread.

Futures Bet

As the title suggests, it is a wager placed on a future event like World Series and or Hockey Championship.

Props Bet

It refers to the bets that focus on a specific outcome rather than an entire game.

Local NY Teams That You Can Bet On

Once you choose a sportsbook, you’re all set to place your bets. Besides, you won’t find any shortage of teams in New York to place bets. When it comes to sports betting, use your logic and instincts rather than emotional judgment. Apart from the New York Mets, you can place bets on:


New York Mets FAQs

Can New Yorkers Legally Bet On The New York Mets?

Yes, New Yorkers can place bets on the Mets and all MLB teams at retail sportsbooks around the state.

How Popular Is Betting On The NY Mets?

Although betting on football and basketball is probably more popular, betting on baseball is almost as popular with New York bettors. The Mets are a popular bet because of the large fan base, but their rankings in recent seasons mean that many baseball fans might be betting on other MLB teams.

How Can I Bet On The Mets In NJ?

It’s perfectly legal for New Yorkers to take the PATH train to New Jersey to place a bet on the Mets. Bettors don’t need to be residents of New Jersey, just located within the borders.

Are There Any Sportsbooks In Manhattan?

At this time, no. The closest thing to New York City is probably the Meadowlands, which has a retail sportsbook operated by FanDuel.

Are DraftKings And FanDuel Legal In New York?

After a long legal battle and controversies, FanDuel and DraftKings are now operational in New York. They operate retail sportsbooks in New York. DraftKings NY operates a sportsbook at del Lago Resort Casino in Waterloo. FanDuel NY operates a retail sportsbook at Tioga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols.

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