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To say the New York Mets have big shoes to fill would be an understatement. First, the Mets share the New York City spotlight with the most successful sports franchise ever, in the Yankees.

Second, the team’s creation essentially replaced two iconic baseball franchises, the Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Giants (the other Giants). Five years after the Dodgers and Giants left New York for Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectfully, the Mets joined Major League Baseball as an expansion team. 

Unfortunately, the inaugural 1962 season was one for the record books. With a record of 40-120, the Mets set the record for the worst regular season in MLB history. However, all was not lost for the Mets.

Just seven years later the 1969 “Miracle Mets” upset the Baltimore Orioles 4-1 in the World Series. This baseball miracle is still considered one of the greatest World Series upsets. Then, 17 years later, the 1986 Mets again raised the World Series trophy after beating the Boston Red Sox 4-3 in one of the most exciting World Series showdowns ever.

Mets Timeline:

  • 1962: Worst regular-season record in MLB history (40-120)
  • 1964: Mets started playing at Shea Stadium
  • 1969: The Miracle Mets win the World Series
  • 1986: Mets win the World Series against the Red Sox
  • 2009: Mets move to Citi Field
  • 2020: Steve Cohen buys the Mets

Iconic Mets Players

Some of the most iconic players in MLB history have worn the uniform of the New York Mets. Hall of Famers like Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, and Willie Mays each called Shea Stadium home. The 1986 World Series Champion Mets are arguably the most beloved Mets team of all time. Stars like Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, and Gary Carter headlined this once-in-a-generation team. 

Shea Stadium And Citi Field

Over their 58 year history, the Mets have called three stadiums home. The Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium, and CitiField.

Named after William Shea, the New York lawyer responsible for bringing the Mets to New York, Shea Stadium served as the home field for the Mets from 1964-2008. Over its 44 year history, the stadium witnessed many exciting events including two World Series-clinching games and one very memorable concert from the Beatles in 1966. The Mets shared Shea Stadium with the New York Jets of the NFL for 19 years, from 1964 through 1983. 

At the start of the 2009 MLB season, the Mets moved across the Shea Stadium parking lot into their new home, Citi Field. This ultra-modern facility incorporates architectural tributes to the Mets’ past. The seats are green in homage to their first home and former home of the NY Giants, the Polo Grounds. To honor the Brooklyn Dodgers, the exterior facade of Cit Field is reminiscent of Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. 

Mets Top Rivalries

There no doubt that playing in the shadow of the 27 time World Champion Yankees has created a rivalry for the Mets and Mets fans. In their only World Series matchup, the Mets were bested by the Yankees 4-1 back in 2000. Overall, the Yankees hold a 74-54 record against the Mets.  

Outside their Big Apple rivalry, no other team gets the Mets going more than the Philadelphia Phillies. New York and Philadelphia sports teams have always been bitter rivals. The two cities are only 95 miles apart.

The teams from both cities compete in the same divisions of their respective sports. And each city has very passionate sports fans, to say the least. While the rivalry between the Mets and Phillies has been kept in check over the past decade, the 1980s were another story with numerous bench-clearing brawls between the two NL East teams. 

2021 Mets Season

The Mets showed promise early in the season, but much of their momentum went down the drain once ace Jacob DeGrom began having arm trouble. He never pitched after July 7 and finished with a 1.08 ERA and 146 strikeouts in 92 innings.

The Mets finished with a 77-85 record and missed the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year. Less than a day after the regular season ended, the team announced it had declined the 2022 option on manager Luis Rojas’ contract.

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