Betting On The New York Islanders

Betting on the Islanders in New York is a possibility. And with their recent record, many New York bettors might want to.

The NHL season is upon us as the New York Islanders look to get back to the playoffs. Last year, they fell just short as they lost to the Tampa Bay Lighting in the conference finals. According to DraftKings, the Islanders odds of winning the Stanley Cup sit at +3000. DraftKings is one of the many online betting apps legal in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In New York, with online betting illegal, bets are only allowed to be made at retail sportsbooks. 

3 Best Sportsbook Apps For New Yorkers 

The three best sportsbook apps for New Yorkers looking to bet on the Islanders are DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers. Each of these companies offers a retail sportsbook in New York States. Or, Islanders bettors can download a sportsbook app and place a wager in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. 

The table below displays where each betting app is available and the current bonus offer. Bonus offers are only available on the sportsbook app in NJ or PA.

 Available Online in NY?New JerseyPennsylvaniaBonus Offer
DraftKingsNoYesYesGet a 20% bonus up to $1,000 for all new users
FanDuelNoYesYesGet your first bet risk free. Up to $1,000 back in betting credits if you do not win
BetRiversNoYesYes100% deposit bonus up to $250

How To Bet On NY Islanders In New York

For those looking to bet on the New York Islanders, it can be done in many ways. If one is looking to place a bet in New York, it must be done at a local casino sportsbook. Online gambling is not yet legal in New York but is something that the state government is looking to legalize. 

In order to bet at a local casino sportsbook in New York, you must be 21 years of age or older. As displayed in the above table, online gambling is available in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In order to legally bet online in those two states, you must be 21 years of age or older and must be physically locat3ed in the state in which you are gambling in. You do not need to be a resident of that state, so it’s perfectly legal for New Yorkers to bet on the Islanders on the other side of the state line. 

There are also numerous different bets one can make on the Islanders. People are able to bet on odds per game, odds of making the playoffs, winning the Stanley Cup, or even make prop bets, such as how many assists a certain player can get in a game. 

But, in order to legally do so, one must abide by the regulations set in each state, which has been clarified above. 

How To Bet On The Stanley Cup In NY

Similarly, to placing a bet on a regular-season game, one can also place a bet on a specific team winning the Stanley Cup. This bet can be made at any time and the odds of the specific team may change as the season goes on.

In New York, bettors can bet on the Islanders at NY sportsbooks and see if they provide the odds on that. Most of the sportsbooks will carry odds on the Islanders and on the Stanley Cup.  In New Jersey or Pennsylvania, then the bet can be legally made online. Depending on which gambling app you are using will determine what odds are given to the team you are looking to bet on.

In this case, the odds on the New York Islanders of winning the Stanley Cup differ among various gambling apps. One reason as to why this occurs is because bookmakers look to balance their books. Essentially meaning that, if one team is receiving a lot of bets due to odds, the bookmaker can change the odds of another team to make it more appealing. That way more people will take those odds and thus, the books will be balanced.

For example, FanDuel currently has the odds of the New York Islanders winning the Stanley Cup at +2800. FanDuel currently offers a promotion for new users where they get a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000. 

In comparison to the Islanders, the defending champs, the Tampa Bay Lightning, have odds of +850 of repeating as champions. The current favorite to win the Stanley Cup are the Colorado Avalanche, whose odds sit at +650. 

With the NHL season just underway, the odds of each team can go either up or down depending on their record throughout the regular season.

Where To Bet On The Islanders In NY

There are a plethora of options to bet in the state of New York. The below table lists the casinos along with their sportsbook partner.

CasinoLocationSportsbook Partner
Rivers Casino & Resort SchenectadySchenectady, NYBetRivers
Tioga Downs Casino ResortNichols, NYFanDuel
del Lago Resort & CasinoWaterloo, NYDraftKings
Turning Stone Resort CasinoWaterloo, NYCaesars
Point Place CasinoBridgeport, NYCaesars
YBR Casino and Sports BookChittenango, NYCaesars
Resorts World CatskillsMonticello, NYBet365
Akwesasne Mohawk Casino ResortHogansburg, NYFoxBet

Most of those sportsbooks have odds for every sport. Some only have odds for golf and bowling. Two that do have odds on the Islanders winning the Stanley Cup are FanDuel and DraftKings

Both FanDuel and DraftKings take bets on each game as well as future bets, such as odds of making the playoffs, or, as alluded to earlier, odds of winning the Stanley Cup. 

Of those sportsbooks that do offer odds on the Islanders, their odds may differ from each other. Again, there are numerous reasons as to why this happens, one being to balance the books. One team may be receiving too many bets and thus, a sportsbook may change the odds of another team.

How NHL Betting Odds Are Calculated 

Betting odds in the NHL is very similar to betting odds in other sports. For each game, there is a money line along with a spread. Odds are calculated based on the expectations of teams, coupled with their season projection.

To make matters simple, let’s take a look at an example.

According to FanDuel, the Islanders are currently favored to win the season opener against the New York Ranger bys 1.5.

What does that mean? 

  • If you were to bet on the Islanders, that means they would need to win the game by 2 goals or more. If you were to bet on the underdog (the Rangers, in this case), that means the Rangers would need to outright win the game or lose by one goal.

The money line on this game is -115 for the Islanders (the favorite)

What does that mean?

  • Essentially meaning that the team you bet on has to outright win the game. The minus sign indicates the favorite in the matchup and the amount you must bet in order to win $100. In this case, if you wanted to win $100 by betting on the Islanders, you would need to wager $115.  

Sticking to this matchup, since the Islanders are projected to be the better team coming into the season opener, they are favored to win. But, later in the season, when these two teams meet again, if the Rangers have a better record, they would then become the favorite to win that game. 

Popular Ways To Bet On The Islanders 

When betting on a single NHL game, there are numerous ways to place wagers. Two highlighted in the above section are the spread (which is also referred to as the puck line) and money line. There is also an over/under set before the game. If the number is set at 4.5 and you bet the over, that means the total goals scored between the two teams must be 5 or higher. In contrast, if you bet the under, that means the total goals scored between the two teams must be 4 or lower. 

Prior to or during the game, you can also place bets on whether a tie will occur. Of course, these odds will drastically change throughout the course of the game as they are projected on statistical measures such as shots on goal, winning percentage, etc.

Another interesting bet to make on gameday is a parlay bet. Parlay bets include betting the same thing on multiple games. For example, if you were to parlay the puck line, you would have to win that bet for each game selected in order to win. Parlays are a little more difficult to win, but is something that is worth wagering on as the payouts are typically high. 

What Is An NHL Future Bet

An NHL future bet is a wager placed on an event that you think will occur in the future. One example of this has been touched upon earlier in the article: Stanley Cup odds. A Stanley Cup bet can be made at any time during the season. Another example of a future bet is taking the odds on a team making the playoffs, or even winning their division. Again, those are bets that can be wagered anytime during the season.  

How To Place Prop Bets On The Islanders

Prop bets are fun side wagers that fans can engage in on a game-to-game basis. Essentially, a prop bet is a separate bet where you can guess how many goals a player will score in a single game or some other statistical measure. For example, the over/under will be set at 1.5 and you have to bet on whether or not that player will score more or less than that number in a particular game. Another popular prop bet is where you bet which team scores the first goal.  


New York Islanders Betting FAQs

 Can New Yorkers Legally Bet On New York Islanders?

Yes. In New York, in order to legally bet on the Islanders, one must be 21 years of age or older and bet at the local casino sportsbook. Another option is go to NJ or PA and place a bet there online.

How Popular Is Betting On New York Islanders?

After making it to the Conference Finals in the playoffs last season, the Islanders are becoming a popular bet to make the playoffs. 

What Is The Closest Sportsbook To Barclays Center?

The closest sportsbook to Barclays Center is Rivers Casino. There is a Rivers Casino sportsbook located onsite. 

How Can I Bet On The Islanders In NJ?

New Jersey offers online betting within its borders. You don’t need to be a resident of New Jersey, but you do need to be physically located within state lines to place a bet. Bettors also must be 21 years old to bet in New Jersey.

Are There Any Sportsbooks In Manhattan?

No. The closest sportsbook in New York is Rivers Casino, which is about three hours from New York City. FanDuel also operates a sportsbook at the Meadowlands, just over the river from NYC. 

Where Can I Bet On The Stanley Cup In New York?

Within state lines, New York bettors can place a bet on the Stanley Cup at any retail sportsbook in Upstate New York, or through online betting apps in NJ and PA.

Is DraftKings Legal In New York?

Yes. But, all bets must be made in person at the DraftKings Sportsbook at del Lago Casino Resort.

Is FanDuel Legal In New York?

Yes. But, all bets must be made in person at the FanDuel Sportsbook at Tiago Downs Casino.

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