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In late May 2021, BetMGM announced a partnership with NYRA Bets. NYRA Bets is a popular horse race betting platform that will expand BetMGM’s selection of lines into horse racing. While BetMGM may revamp NYRA Bets’ app, that app will become BetMGM’s horse betting app. It’ll also be available on iOS and Android devices like the current NYRA Bets app is now. Here’s everything bettors need to know about the BetMGM NYRA app in New York. 

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BetMGM NYRA Horse Racing New York Bonus Code (4/5)

The current NYRA Bets app offers a $200 deposit bonus with a 100% match rate. It also offers many ongoing promotions on different types of horse racing. However, a BetMGM NYRA horse racing bonus could be used to offer one of the most enticing welcome bonuses on the horse betting app market. $500 deposit bonuses and $150 bonus bets are about the standard that BetMGM has to beat. BetMGM offers more than that on its sportsbook, and it could extend that same bonus to horse racing.

However, pari-mutuel betting is different from fixed-odds betting. If BetMGM changes NYRA Bets’ welcome bonus, then it’ll probably be different from its NY sportsbook welcome bonus. And if they add one, we’ll have a BetMGM horse racing bonus code ready for it.

Terms and conditions apply to all offers.  Please see BetMGM for details.  21+.  Gambling Problem?  Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Quality Of The BetMGM NYRA Horse Racing App In New York (4/5)

The current NYRA Bets app isn’t flashy like BetMGM’s sports betting app. However, NYRA Bets offers everything horse bettors need to dive into betting on horse racing in New York. Bettors open the NYRA Bets app to a home screen that shows a list of tracks. Those tracks can be sorted alphabetically or by the time left until the race starts. That allows bettors to find the track and horses they’re looking for efficiently.

Navigation on the NYRA Bets app is straightforward, too. The left menu gives bettors all the options they need to find the cashier, bet slip, and promotions pages. It’s an easy way to scroll through the pages needed to get the most out of the app. However, when BetMGM launches its app, that navigation could be built into a banner on the bottom of the screen. That would make the app feel more seamless and clean up some of the current navigation menus.

Signing up with BetMGM NYRA will be easy, too. Bettors will just have to find the app on the App Store, Google Play Store, or on the BetMGM NYRA horse racing website. Once bettors have the BetMGM NYRA mobile horse racing app, they can create an account and make their first deposits. After that, bettors can place their first wagers and track them in their bet slips. Settled wagers have their own sections in the NYRA Bets menus. If they win, bettors can withdraw their winnings. The BetMGM horse racing mobile app will include all these functions and probably make them smoother.

Availability Of The BetMGM NYRA Horse Betting App In New York (5/5)

The BetMGM NYRA app is available for iOS devices, Android devices, and on its website. So, it’s easy to log in from any legal jurisdiction. The nice thing about this app is it retains its quality from app to website. It looks good on all devices, showing the care that’s gone into creating this horse racing product. When BetMGM takes it over and launches its branded horse racing app, it’ll certainly retain this seamless design across platforms.

Bettors should remember that this is separate from BetMGM’s sportsbook app. NYRA Bets will become BetMGM’s horse race betting platform. It won’t be swallowed by the BetMGM sportsbook.

BetMGM NYRA Horse Betting Options (4/5)

The BetMGM NYRA horse racing app will have all the betting options that horse race bettors expect to find. Bettors will find many race tracks from across New York and the United States. They’ll also find different promotions on different types of horse breeds across the races. Finally, bettors will find many types of wagers, including pari-mutuel betting, single-horse, and multiple-horse bets.

Bettors may find it redundant to say that pari-mutuel wagering will be available on a horse racing app. However, fixed-odds betting on horse racing is live in neighboring New Jersey. New Jersey has been at the forefront of gambling legislation since sports betting became legal in the United States. If fixed-odds betting is a success in New Jersey, New Yorkers could see it in the BetMGM mobile horse betting site in a matter of months or a couple of short years.

BetMGM NYRA Live Horse Racing And Betting In New York (5/5)

BetMGM NYRA live horse racing will allow bettors to watch horse races live when they begin. That allows bettors to see how their bets pan out after betting closes for the race. In-running betting will probably be available during the beginning of the race. However, BetMGM NYRA won’t let bettors place wagers during the whole race. Once the result is clear toward the end of the race, betting will close. However, BetMGM NYRA’s live horse racing will give horse bettors everything they need to bet at the track.

BetMGM NYRA Horse Racing App New York: Overall Score (4.4/5)

In its current state, NYRA Bets is a competitive horse racing app. Its welcome bonus is low, but everything else is in place. It has a strong selection of lines and odds. The app and website are easily accessible and easy to use. It even has the live betting infrastructure in place that will put bettors over the moon. When BetMGM relaunches its own app, it’ll improve on the existing product. With such a strong start already, BetMGM’s horse racing app is something worth looking forward to.

New York Online Horse Racing

In April 2021, New York authorized mobile sports betting, which paved the way for online horse betting, too. Online gambling will be new to New York, but it’ll expand horse racing for many bookmakers. It’s legislation like this and New Jersey’s fixed-odds horse-racing bill that’s driving BetMGM’s decision to acquire a horse racing book. It also allows New York to compete with New Jersey’s online gaming market, which has attracted New Yorkers for years.

New York Horse Racing Tracks

While New York has many horse racing tracks, a few stand out above the rest. Saratoga Race Course is a historic site in New York, with a history stretching all the way back to its founding in 1863. It embraces its old-timey roots with classic red and white striped tents and statues commemorating its history of horse racing. It has also set records for the total betting handle at the race track. Saratoga Race Course has seen over $700 million in betting handle each year during the past two years. It’s a horse racing hotspot that New York bettors must keep in mind.

Belmont Park is another horse track that’s worth bettors’ attention. It hosts the Belmont Derby, the first of three races in New York’s Triple Turf Series. It’s also one of three $1 million races, so the competition is fierce. Races at this prestigious location are worth bettors’ attention, too.

Popular Horse Racing Events In New York

New York hosts some large horse racing events that draw big crowds and competitive horses. One of the most prestigious is the Belmont Stakes. It’s one of the three events comprising the Triple Crown. It’s also the oldest race in the set of three Triple Crown events. It’s held at Belmont Park, which will be one of many tracks featured in the BetMGM horse racing app.

However, Saratoga Park also hosts a major thoroughbred race. The Travers Stakes happens in late August and attracts competitive horses from across the United States. As the biggest betting event at Saratoga Park, it’s one of the most important events for horse track bettors who are serious about betting.

Both events are expected to be packed with fans since the pandemic closures have been lifted. Park owners are looking forward to having fans back in the stands to view the races and, of course, put money on them.

FAQs – BetMGM NYRA Horse Betting App In New York

Is Using The BetMGM NYRA Horse Betting App Legal In New York? 

Yes. BetMGM is a licensed sportsbook provider, and it has acquired another licensed horse racing book. When bettors pick up a BetMGM product, they can rest assured that it’s a legitimate product. It’s not a shady gray market book. 

Has New York Legalized Online Horse Racing? 

Yes. When New York passed its budget in 2021, it authorized mobile sports betting. That opened the door to online horse racing. Online gaming also survived state constitutional challenges, so it’s likely to stay in New York.

Is Placing Online Horse Racing Bets With BetMGM NYRA New York Safe? 

Yes. BetMGM is a licensed sportsbook provider in about ten states with more to come. It hasn’t had a massive data breach, and it adheres to the best security practices demanded by the industry. New York’s Gaming Commission also sets the security standards BetMGM NYRA must follow. Online horse race betting is as safe as an online product can be.  

Where Can I Download BetMGM’s Horse Racing Mobile App? 

When it launches, BetMGM’s horse racing mobile app will be available on iOS and Android devices. Bettors will also be able to find it in-browser on the website. BetMGM’s sportsbook app has wide availability across platforms, so its horse racing app will likely have that same quality. 

Where Can I Watch A Horse Racing Live Stream?

BetMGM NYRA’s horse racing app will likely retain NYRA Bets’ live stream function. When bettors log in, they can view live streams of the races. They can also view replays of races to see why their bets came out the way they did. 

Does The BetMGM NYRA Horse Racing App Accept Live Bets? 

That’s a gray area. Many horse racing apps and venues accept bets after the race starts. However, betting closes sometime during the race when the result becomes clear. BetMGM will have to decide where to draw that line or whether to offer it at all. However, limited live betting will likely be available on BetMGM’s horse betting app. 

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