Rodgers, Reddick Absences Damper Early Jets’ Hopes

Go ahead, say it..


Same old Jets.


When Aaron Rodgers and Haason Reddick didn’t show up for the mandatory minicamp Tuesday, you shouldn’t have been shocked.


Yet, when your fan base is starving from their 14-year playoff drought, and they see the big times piece on the board, some things can get overlooked. That can also apply to a potential lame duck head coach and GM if the team tanks early or if injuries cause it to happen.


In Reddick’s case, you could see it coming. The veteran 30-year-old pass rusher wants a contract extension – or a new deal – and that’s why the Eagles let him go and picked up ex-Jet Bryce Huff. 


In the Jets’ postseason-or-bust philosophy for this season, you can see the choice. Although, Huff easily could have stayed here without complications. 


The Athletic reported that the Jets and Reddick initially agreed to wait until the end of the season to re-negotiate a deal, but they recently had a breakdown.


So, the Jets knew that Reddick’s absence could have been anticipated, and now they likely will find themselves in another contract tussle that could be another Darrelle Revis one, basically resolved at the end of camp.


Currently, Reddick has a base salary of $14.25 million, which ranks 20th among pass rushers. If the Jets believe he can make the difference up front, they should be in the ballpark of $80 million for three years and in the range of $50 million guaranteed. 


Reddick is solid, but he’s not among the league’s elite with Nick Bosa, Myles Garrett, or Aidan Hutchinson. 


GM Joe Douglas may feel the pressure to pull the trigger on an attractive deal for him due to the building pressures of keeping his job should the Jets not make the playoffs.


It’s time for another summer saga.


As for Rodgers..


When the Jets handed over the keys to him, they knew he would use them sometimes for his own needs. 


As of this writing, we still don’t know what “appointment” he had to attend. 


But it was confirmed today that Rodgers will be calling the shots. 


He has promised that it will be “all football” once it starts, and there won’t be the kaleidoscope of ideas that usually surround his life from retreats,to paraphernalia,and to potential vice presidential duties.


It will be interesting to see if both of them are fined, especially Rodgers. Head coach Robert Saleh stated they could be due to the CBA (collective bargaining agreement). Somehow, I doubt Rodgers will, even though their absences were declared “unexcused.”


It will also be interesting to see if Rodgers told his teammates about his absence as backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor didn’t know about it.


Rodgers claims to be “all in” with his teammates and management, but his selfish, narcissist side may be ready to surface again. Since his lone Super Bowl appearance, Rodgers is 7-9 in the playoffs and 0-4 in NFC Championship games.


You knew this season would be a fun one to watch.


However, you don’t want to keep saying the fabled phrase over again in January.. same…



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