Note To Jets: Johnson Expects A Postseason Bid Next Season

Note to Jets ’fans: The Big Guy is angry.


After issuing what appeared to be a customary vote of confidence to head coach Robert Saleh and GM Joe Douglas, owner Woody Johnson had done an about face.

And you can include quarterback Zach Wilson in the mix, too. Wilson should be dealt in the draft or even sooner.


A few days ago, Johnson went public in voicing his displeasure about the Jets’ seven-win season as well as the lack of an effective backup quarterback (Wilson). This was something everyone expected to hear at the end of the season, but Johnson appeared to stay the course.


Something triggered a recourse. 

Johnson didn’t specifically state a playoff bid, but everyone can read between the lines. It’s playoffs or a bust-up.


It may have been a public outcry led by the radio waves –mainly WFAN’s and die hard Jets’ fan Joe Beningo – that called for a change in leadership and a veteran backup quarterback behind Aaron Rodgers.


It also may have been the realization that Saleh and Douglas aren’t the answer for this franchise for the recent bevy of head coaches available and their hirings. 


Johnson may have realized that he didn’t act on Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, Mike Vrabel, Dan Quinn, Antonio Pierce or even Bill Belichick.


(Would Johnson break down and offer the keys to Belichick? Would Belichick ever accept?)


Now, he’ll put the pressure on Saleh and Douglas to bring the team to the eight-win or above threshold that has been set.


Johnson’s state of the team address in Las Vegas called for offensive tackles, a guard, and another wide receiver for starters. He believes the team already has some stacked talent that begins with Rodgers, running back Breece Hall, and wide receiver Garrett Wilson.


Fix the offense.


The defense is set, but it can’t avoid a letdown. 


At this point, anything could happen. Yet. Saleh and Douglas should be safe for 2024 because there aren’t any options left.


Still, the eight-win mark should be achievable next season, especially if Douglas can fill Johnson’s desired holes. 


Remember, the Jets had losses to the Falcons (13-8), Commanders (30-28), Patriots (15-10), Raiders (16-12) and Chiefs (23-20) well within a grasp of a victory. They throttled the Texans, 30-6.


Johnson called the lack of touchdowns in some games “incredible.”


For Jets’ fans, it is a sign that Johnson has recognized the gravity of the situation. Miam’s rise and Buffalo’s stability has certainly added to their sense of urgency.


The Big Guy is angry, and as the movie line goes.. he’s not going to take it anymore.


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