It’s Another Super Bowl Ahead: Are You Excited?

It’s Super Bowl Eve, and you’re wondering about the big game. For some, it’s the same level of anticipation of a Christmas Eve, while for others, it will be a simple social event with lackluster football interest.


You’ve heard all of the possible wagering scenarios and well as a plethora of predictions from every self-aggrandizing predictors along the way. 


On Sunday, you can watch a full menu field with Super Bowl preview shows from the early morning. You could also tune into Puppy Bowl XX on Animal Planet at 2 p.m. The game will attract approximately 113 million viewers.


But.. are you excited? Remember, any way you look at it..this is just another football game, one that is extended well beyond its usual length with an extended and recently uninteresting halftime show. 

This isn’t the much-anticipated Detroit-Baltimore matchup that more than half the country Detroit was the feel-good story that everyone was ready to embrace. 


However,  Lions’ head coach Dan Campbell relied on analytics instead of his gut, and he presumably lost the game for them.  We’ll never know if the Lions would have made the two field goals, but they should have taken the chance.


If you’re a Chiefs or 49ers fan, this is must-see TV. If you’re not, the game doesn’t seem to have the zeal and zest of previous years.


There always was a barrage of player features  that surfaced the week prior to the Super Bowl. Also, there was plenty of celebrity involvement around the game. Overall, the fanfare was rather incredible and intense.


This time around, there seems to be little interest aside from the Taylor Swift involvement with the Chiefs. Swift did begin the 9,000-mile trip from Tokyo to Las Vegas Saturday to watch her betrothed Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce in the big game.


Possibly the lone excitement here is the amount of wagering done on wagering, whether you’re an online wagerer or one who participated in the 100 or smaller box game picking numbers for quarter or final scores.


There also are neighborhood or your own house parties, where you’re anxious to gorge yourself for a few hours.


Again.. Are you excited?


Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes can reach football mortality by combining to win their third Super Bowl, placing them in an elite company with three trophies. 


49ers head coach Brian Shanahan will look to shake the demons of his past, as he was the offensive coordinator for the Falcons during the biggest collapse in Super Bowl history against the Patriots, and he also lost as a head coach of the 49ers in 2020, watching a 20-10 fourth quarter lead diminish into a 31-20 loss.


 We all have seen the game materialize into a national event from a football championship that has enticed droves of true non-football fans. This year, the real games to watch were the divisional playoffs and the conference championships.


Yet, we’ll all be glued to the set wherever we are Sunday evening to watch the event, munching on our foods and watching our numbers.


Will we be excited? We’ll see


By the way, I like the Chiefs, 34-21. 


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