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So we get the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, the millions of advertisement revenue, biggest sports party of the year and another Taylor Swift watch that is pending. Regardless CBS and Paramount expect a ratings bonanza.

As I wrote last year here, it’s more than a football game with statistics that break down two teams vying for the Lombardi Trophy. This all about numbers leading to revenue and the city of Las Vegas hosting a big party.  Vegas once a nightmare for the NFL, but legal sports betting has changed the complexion and would you have envisioned Sin City hosting? Times have certainly changed.

On paper this is a good matchup. The quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) attempting to establish a legacy and back-to-back Super Bowl wins, and Brock Purdy (49ers), the 24-year old in his second season with 4,280 passing yards while setting a new single-season franchise record. He could become the second-youngest quarterback to raise the Lombardi Trophy when Super Bowl 58 concludes. Notice, I bypassed the Roman numerals.

Because this game is all about numbers, I go with 58.  Again, as I wrote here last year some facts and numbers associated with a game I have called “The Stupid Bowl” with sarcasm. Because it’s a Sunday party and a majority of viewers don’t know a first down or the term, line of scrimmage. Oh, they know Taylor Swift.

So here we go. Some numbers and the latest betting line and what this means I have no idea. I am not a betting man so don’t ask. But follow to the end here and I will attempt to provide my usual and wrong score with the outcome.


San Francisco 49ers (-130)

Kansas City Chiefs (+110)


Courtesy of the website and accurate from their stats and analytics. Wait did I say analytics which also has become a customary item in the playbooks of coaches Andy Reid (Chiefs) and Kyle Shanahan (49ers).

  • $6,680: The average cost of a ticket to the past five Super Bowls.

Considering the cost of a Super Bowl ticket was $12,00 on January 15,1967 The Green Bay Packers won 35-10 over the Chiefs and the event did not sell out at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. Today a ticket to the Super Bowl is the hardest ticket to get and for the average consumer way beyond their budget. $8,586 is the lowest price of a Super Bowl XLVIII ticket on the resale market just after the conference championships (113% increase from 2023).

  • $1.1B: Estimated economic impact for the Southern Nevada economy in 2024.

That is an estimate prior to kickoff. The total impact last year was $1.3 billion in Phoenix Arizona, That achieved the highest economic impact in history. Fan experience with activities proceeding the game and after attracted over 300,000.

  • 2M: Americans plan to watch the game at a bar or restaurant.

Flash back to 1969 when I was a kid. The Apollo 11 Moon Landing was the most watched televised event in the US drawing almost 150 million viewers and that was on the old black and white television screen with the antenna. We have come a long way and within a few years the Super Bowl will give in to streaming and a subscription. So goodbye to free network television and viewing habits change for the biggest game of  the year.

  • 192%: 20-year increase in the cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad.

Thai will blow your mind. The cost of a 30-second ad during the first Super Bowl in 1967 was $42,500. Sunday it’s $7 million which amounts to $230,000 per second. The companies know an entire nation will be tuned in. Part of the extravaganza is waiting for the first pause in the action as we rate a top 10 list of best commercials. And of course the multi billion dollar NFL halftime show (Usher) performing that interrupts a flow for both teams as they are not accustomed to  waiting in their locker rooms 45 minutes from the first half to the second.

Oh, I viewed the commercial lineup. Most, if not all, are now available for your entertainment on YouTube, a click away if you can’t wait. Nothing impressive this year though the E-Trade Baby pickle babies on the court is worth the watch.

And this. See if your city made the list. Turf or grass field which is another controversial issue that continues to confront the NFL and the players union. Interestingly, New York is listed as the sixth best. Piscataway, New Jersey? Oh, MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets and Giants who I don’t consider NY football teams, play nearby in East Rutherford. Always said the legitimate NY football team is the Bills upstate in Buffalo.


Best Cities for Football Fans Worst Cities for Football Fans
1. Pittsburgh, PA 240. Piscataway, NJ
2. Dallas, TX 241. Louisville, KY
3. Green Bay, WI 242. Davidson, NC
4. Los Angeles, CA 243. Charleston, SC
5. Boston, MA 244. Pine Bluff, AR
6. New York, NY 245. Fort Collins, CO
7. Miami, FL 246. Waco, TX
8. New Orleans, LA 247. Bloomington, IN
9. San Francisco, CA 248. Valparaiso, IN
10. Kansas City, MO 249. Easton, MA


So some of  the facts and numbers for Sunday to consider. Oh, wait for that all important pick. And please don’t go with my outcome. I never get this right and as always enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

Final: Chiefs 27 – 49ers- 21. Patrick Mahomes is your MVP.

Rich Mancuso: X (formerly Twitter) @Ring786 Mancuso

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