With Rodgers In the Wings, Wilson Saga Always Will Be One To Remember

In the annals of Jets’ history, the Zach Wilson saga certainly will be one to remember.


During his two-year stay, Wilson has been in the pendulum from hero to villain, back and forth more times than the average person could probably endure. It has been a true physical and psychological ride.


This afternoon, he is back in he hero role as the Jet look to play a spoiler role in South Beach against the cresting Dolphins, who are still within swimming distance of the AFC’s top seed.


Coming off being named the league’s Player-of-the-Week with his showing in the team’s 30-6 upset of the Texans last week, Wilson is back playing like the Jets had envisioned when they donned him as their franchise quarterback two years ago.


He’ll need an encore performance against the Dolphins, who certainly will be feisty after their meltdown loss against Titans. Wilson can alleviate some of the issues of his inconsistencies with another big game here. His 27-for-36, 75 percent completion rate will be his challenge to duplicate.


For the stat geeks, Wilson has a career 1-1 mark against the ‘Fins and a quarterback rating of 89.2. He’ll have to endure a windy, rainy backdrop to wield his magic. 


If Wilson can keep his same poise and confidence he maintained last week, he’ll face a Dolphins’ defense that he should have success against, as they are ranked 12th against the pass and seventh against the run. 


The Jets will need to find a way to open holes for Breece Hall, which has been a major issue since early October. Wilson did utilize Hall well out of the backfield on swing passes last week, but they need an assemblance of a ground game.


Should Wilson be able to guide the Jets to a win in Miami, it would bring the Jets (5-8) to six victories and reignite the ambers of playoff thoughts once again. 


Those thoughts have arisen with the chatter of Aaron Rodgers possibly returning next Sunday against the Commanders at MetLife for a Christmas Eve present for Jets’ fans. 


Rodgers’ one -handed interception while playing defense in practice a few days ago has sent seismographic waves across the tri-state area. Head coach Robert Saleh was as giddy as a kid before Christmas describing Rodgers, knowing what was gift wrapped ahead,


Wilson today can officially pass the torch to Rodgers presumably next week  as one potential franchise quarterback to another. The younger signal caller has established himself as a capable backup and should get another shot at a starting job in the league.


For Wilson, though, that passing will likely signal the beginning of the final chapter of his Jets’ career. Or, Wilson could be revert back to Rodgers’ backup for two years, and then resurface as a starter again in 2026? The guess here is the former and not the latter.


What happens, Wilson already has made it a career to remember in another Jets’ season to remember. 


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