Despite State of Team, Jets Need To Follow The Rodgers’ Plan

Jets’ fans, don’t jump off the George Washington Bridge yet  (That’s a bad idea anyway you look at it).


Yes, your season might end with two-or three-wins, but there still is a future here (as of now).


This still all revolves around Aaron Rodgers. He dictated what he wanted for this season, and he will do the same for next year. That will surely involve whether head coach Robert Saleh stays. 


It will all be part of the Rodgers’ plan. 


Zach Wilson will be at the controls and finish the season. No one else is coming. Trevor Siemian is here, and he’s the same guy who broke his ankle as a Jet in a 2019 game against the Browns. That was the extent of his previous stint with the Jets.


There’s plenty of speculation that the Jets’ locker room is tenuous with the staunch dedication to Wilsom from Saleh, even though Saleh admitted Wednesday that Wilson isn’t playing as well as he should. Maybe the embattled head coach realized his job could be on the line with his 12-24 record.


Life doesn’t get any easier with the Chiefs on a Sunday night matchup at MetLife with the game being in the spotlight because of the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift romance, having Swift in the house for the game.


Saleh will continue to admit his earlier admiration for Wilson, but he will stay with him. That is unless it gets entirely too ugly.


Yet, this still all revolves around Aaron Rodgers. Or should I call it the Rodgers’ plan.


If the Jets’ season does implode as expected, look for them to draft a quarterback next April, hopefully being able to choose from the elite group of Caleb Williams, Bo Nix, Michael Pennix, Riley Leonard, Jordan travis and Drake Maye.


Rodgers likely will be back and want to prove his worth –that is barring another major injury – and look to play a few years. However, the Jets will have a small window to try to get to a Super Bowl.


So, the Jets should draft his heir apparent, and let him sit behind him like Jordan Love did for 50 games. 


Yet, unlike Wilson, the Jets have to hit this one right.


As for the time being, it will be Wilson the rest of the way. Saleh will need to weave his intuition and fortitude to keep the locker room together. It could get dicey over the next few weeks until their bye week. 


Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett will need to find ways to put Wilson in the best position to win, mainly letting him run the ball and throw deep downfield. And what has happened to the much-anticipated running game?


The bottom line, though, is the Jets’ defense.


It will need to prove its mettle and keep teams under 20 points to give the Jets’ offense a chance. Their 14 points per game average is currently last in the league. 


Maybe, just maybe, the Jets-Chiefs’ line under 10 points is trying to tell you something. Maybe this Jets’ defense will rise to the occasion. 


We’ll see what the aftermath is after Sunday night.


Rodgers will be watching, and it still all revolves around him.


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