This May Have Been Zach Wilson’s Offense Afterall

You know the feeling when you realize when something was destined to happen even though it seemed unlikely.


It truly is a small world, and it can quickly bring you back to where you once were.


Such may be the case for the Jets.


Maybe this is Zach Wilson’s show afterall.


He looked good during the preseason and had a redeemed presence about himself. Gone was the apprehension and the second-guessing. Here was the quarterback the Jets envisioned when they made him the No. 2 overall pick in the draft a few years ago.


Wilson found an instant mentor in Aaron Rodgers, and he sensed a new comfort zone as his backup. It would be a mop-up role for him, and maybe a late-season start if the Jets already had a playoff spot secured heading into the final week of the regular season.


Now, Wilson is back in the spotlight of a much-anticipated season with the Messiah again serving as his mentor after his recovery from his Achilles surgery. Sometimes, numbers don’t lie as the Jets-Bills game was the new highest rated Monday Night Game.


Yes, Wilson wasn’t back in the preseason against a solid Bills’ defense, and he showed some of the signs that led to Rodgers’ signing. He threw a bad pick and held the ball too long on several occasions. It certainly had more looks of the old Wilson than the 2023 summer version.  


 It didn’t take long for the talk of a backup veteran – in reality another starter – to be added to the Jets’ roster.


The uneasiness and anxieties surrounding Wilson in a starting role began to resurface. The thoughts of another 6-11 or 7-10 season – at best – began to come to the surface again.


The Jets do need a veteran presence as backup to Wilson, and don’t be surprised if Joe Flacco is back. Nick Foles and Carson Wentz currently are unemployed, but would either of them be better than Wilson as the starter? Forget about any thoughts of Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, or Philip Rivers making a comeback.


Jacoby Brissett and Colt McCoy have been mentioned, and there are likely a few others who could be in the mix. 


Yet, let’s give Zach a chance. Well, another chance. Wilson had a 8-14 record as a starter with 16 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

Head coah Robert Saleh has publicly touted the company line for Wilson. Saleh does blieve in Wilson, and apparently was impressed with his summer showing.  to play the Devil’s advocate..who else does Salhe have? Tim Boyle?


We’ll know if Wilson is the answer for the remainder of the season when he is tested by a ferocious Cowboys’ defense late Sunday afternoon. If head coach Robert Saleh really wanted to gauge his viableness, this is it. Just ask Daniel Jones and the Giants about the Dallas onslaught.


Ironically, the Jets are right back to where they were a year ago. The Zach Wilson show is back on stage.


After a date in Dallas, we’ll see if it is a long running one after a date in Dallas.


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