Jets’ Fans Need to First Focus On the Bills’ Game

Jets’ cornerback DJ Reed suggested that his current unit could be “historical,”comparing them along the lines of the 1986 Chicago Bears.


Tom Brady has stated that he has high expectations for quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Jets.


Since Rodgers became a Jet, the hype machine has continued to churn, and it’s now picking up its pace. There’s plenty of Super Bowl talk circulating around the New York Metropolitan area as well as across the country.


Hold it! Wait a minute! Pump the brakes!!


Let’s not get too carried away with everything just yet.


Yes, the Jets are expected to be in the thick of things this season. However this is a team that won seven games last season with over 85 percent of its defensive pieces in place.


On paper, Rodgers should make a difference along with his traveling cast and newly added Dalvin Cook.


Fans in the New York area are plotting a Super Bowl run and a hopeful second franchise title over the next  three years during the current proposed Rodgers’ timeline and lifeline.


Again, let’s take a deep breath and exhale here.


These Jets are still in a division with the presumed division-winning Buffalo Bills along with a rising Dolphins and the arch-nemesis Patriots, who have beaten them 14 straight.


Let’s focus on the Bills first on Monday night, which will prove to be one of the biggest hyped and watched Jets’ games in a long time. Jets’ fans will be wide-eyed with their fingers crossed over Rodgers’ first few series.


He certainly looked good with command in his brief, preseason production.


The Jets have beaten the Bills only three times in their last 10 meetings, but they did shock them, 20-17, at MetLife Last November,


That’s when life without Rodgers looked possible, as the victory lifted them to 6-3 with Zach Wilson. Unfortunately, they won only one more game down the stretch to finish 7-10.


The oddsmakers have the Jets listed as a 2.5-point dog at home Monday night. It’s there for a reason, and those guys rarely make mistakes. 


Their point is which Jets team will show up, and Rodgers will face a top defense with his Jets’ crew for the first time. 


Yes, there is plenty of joy in Jetsville, but let’s curb the enthusiasm.


Instead, let’s see if their defense can show the signs of being an historial one, and see if Air Rodgers will take flight. For the time being, it simply begins with  the adage of taking one game at a time. There’s plenty of time to htink about the playoffs.


Keep it laser focused. First worry about Buffalo on Monday night.  

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