Wilson, Becton Finally Prove Their Worth











You will remember Zach Wilson’s 35-yard run  against the Buccaneers Saturday night. The jukes, the spin, and the sprint combined eased some fears.

You may also remember Mekhi Becton’s dominant line play against the Buccaneers. He threw his share of defenders around like they were tackling dummies.

For the third straight game, Wilson looked good. He has shown more poised and confidence guiding the offense. His passes have been pinpoint, and his ball has had plenty of juice.

It has been the tale of two lost draft picks that have regained their stature this summer.

This is the Wilson the Jets expected when they made him the top overall pick two years ago.

Yes, this is preseason, but you can tell the difference. He even saw him sport a huge smile with Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines during the telecast, an obvious sign of relief and security that hasn’t been present.

Wilson may be the luckiest man in football as the backup to Rodgers. Barring any injury, Wilson likely will only get to play in mop-up time.

However, in the past three games, Wilson has elevated his stock, and teams will be calling Gm Joe Douglas if their started goes down.

Wilson will not replace Rodgers anytime soon, but he could find a new home either this season or next.

Becton played 25 snaps and he used his 6-7, 364-pound behemoth frame to dominate and pancake several of the Bucs’ defensive lineman. Like Wilson, Becton has been more confident and less apprehensive and even sluggish like he was in the past.

He has been more aggressive and less passive, formally playing like he was afraid to re-injure anything. His weight doesn’t seem to be an issue like it was, and his laziness has been shelved.

This is a player who hasn’t a regular-season games since the 2021 season opener. As a result, the Jets didn’t pickup his fifth-year option. Becton can work his way to a big pay day in a few years.

If you remember, Becton sported a sign stating “Big Bust” during the 2022 training camp. He didn’t get the chance to prove himself because of a knee injury.

Now, Becton does. He apparently has accepted his move to right tackle, and that should be the course for this year. Left tackle Duane Brown is battling Father Time over his shoulder, and his longevity surely will be short.

Second-year tackle Max Mitchell filled a void last year, but he hasn’t shown that he is ready to step into either side. Journeyman Billy Turner plays a better spot starter-backup role.

The Jets should unveil Rodgers and the rest of their starters against the Giants at Met Life Saturday.Becton should be the starter on the right side.

Like Wilson, he has finally found himself.



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