A Fan’s Guide To Giants And Jets Games At MetLife Stadium

The 2023 NFL season is just around the corner. That means tens of thousands of fans of the New York Jets and New York Giants are beginning their preparations to see their favorite team in person at MetLife Stadium.

Regardless of how many games you go to, this guide is here to help prepare fans for the upcoming season. Below, you will find everything you need to enjoy a Jets or Giants game day to the fullest.

Step 1: Getting tickets to a Jets or Giants game

There are two options for buying tickets to Jets or Giants games. Season tickets can be purchased, or fans can buy single-game tickets.

Season ticket prices for Jets games are only available to serious buyers, while the Giants have their pricing online, with options as low as $950 to as high as $7,000.

Single-game options vary greatly depending on which teams are playing, where seats are located and availability.

Giants season tickets

The cheapest option for season tickets to Giants games is a little less than a grand for an end zone seat on the terrace level. That’s MetLife Stadium’s version of the upper deck. Midfield seats on the terrace are $1,050, and the enclosed loge section that sits below the upper deck costs $1,150.

Mezzanine sections share the second deck with club level, but they do not include the perks of club level and only sit behind the end zones. That is why the price for those seats is $1,300, half of the cheapest club-level options.

Lower-level seats might be the best bang for buck in the stadium, with end zone seats starting at $1,400. The next step up is $1,650 as the seats get closer to midfield. The best lower-level options are sections 137, 139 and 140 behind the visiting team bench for $2,000.

Club-level season ticket prices are all over the board, but the cheapest option begins in the corner of the end zones for $2,600 and increases up to $4,950 at midfield. The best available option for Giants games is the Coaches Club, which are lower-level club seats directly behind the Giants bench. There is no better view of the action, but that option costs $7,000.

Season ticket members receive several perks.

  • Exclusive commemorative tickets
  • Playoff ticket options
  • Commemorative season ticket member rally pack
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Automatic enrollment in NFL Membership Club
  • Advance access to tickets for other MetLife Stadium events
  • Online discounts at the NFL shop and Giants shop
  • Priority access to single-game tickets

Club-level season tickets come with all those perks as well as private entrances on game days and free reserved VIP parking.

Jets season ticket options

For some unknown reason, the Jets refuse to give out season ticket prices on their website or through chatting with an agent despite years of losing football. Anyone wanting season ticket information must call a representative for more information.

When reached by NY Sports Day for more information, the Jets refused to provide season ticket pricing.

Giants single-game tickets

Buying single-game tickets for Giants games is a typical Ticketmaster experience. Depending on game and location of seats, ticket prices vary dramatically. Prices are currently between $95 for the cheapest choice to $625 for the priciest option, but those prices could change day by day.

For now, the cheapest games to attend are against the Seattle Seahawks on Oct. 2 and against the Los Angeles Chargers on Dec. 31, with tickets available for $95. The most expensive game is when the Giants take on the Jets, with tickets starting at $220.

Jets single-game tickets

While season ticket pricing for Jets games is a mystery, their single-game ticket prices are on Ticketmaster.

Opponent and seat location are the biggest factors in price. The cheapest option is when the Washington Commanders come to town on Christmas Eve. Tickets are as low as $54. The most expensive games are against the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills. Tickets for those games start at $185.

Unlike the Giants, many of the expensive seats are still available for every Jets home game. The best available seats are in Section 113 directly behind the Jets bench. Tickets are currently floating around $2,500.

Step 2: Getting to MetLife Stadium

There are at least three options to get to MetLife Stadium for a Jets or Giants game. Fans can drive themselves, use a rideshare app or utilize public transportation.

Parking and tailgating at MetLife

While public transportation options are encouraged, there are plenty of parking lots around MetLife Stadium for fans who want to drive to the game.

Depending on which game and which parking lot, prices sit between $30 and $400 for parking passes, which must be printed out and brought to the stadium as proof of purchase. The passes must be hung from rear-view mirrors or placed on the dashboard. Passes allow entry to parking lots, but do not reserve a specific spot. Buying two parking passes does not allow one car to take up two spaces. Permits will not be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

Tailgating is allowed in any official parking lot unless otherwise designated, but there are some rules to follow.

  • Saving additional parking spaces for friends or family is not allowed.
  • Parking is considered first-come, first-served despite parking passes needing to be purchased ahead of time.
  • Tailgating is limited to the lined parking space; blocking lanes is prohibited.
  • Tailgating is allowed on the medians that separate the parking lots from the roadways.
  • Trucks, trailers and other oversized vehicles will be directed to park along the curbs to make room for others. If you are bringing a large vehicle, get to the parking lots early.
  • Grills are permitted but must be a safe distance from cars and the coals must not be disposed of in open parking spaces, under cars or next to parked vehicles.
  • No deep frying or open fires allowed.

Rideshare options

MetLife Stadium features a designated Rideshare Zone in Lot E where fans can be dropped off and picked up.

The stadium has a warning to fans on their website stating that using rideshare apps to get home could be significantly more expensive and take longer to arrive. This is due to surge pricing and many other fans attempting to hail a ride.

The Rideshare Zone is located outside of Verizon gate on the south end of the stadium.

Public transportation

Depending on where fans are coming from, there are many different public transpiration options to MetLife Stadium.

For those in New Jersey, the NJ Transit operates the Meadowlands Rail Service to bring guests to the stadium. To use this option, head to the Secaucus Junction and transfer to the Meadowlands. This train runs 3-1/2 hours before kickoff and one hour after the game.

Fans coming in from New York or Connecticut have the option to use the Metro-North trains that arrive at Grand Central Station. Then take a train to Penn Station and board the NJ Transit train to Secaucus Junction. From there, the Meadowlands will once again be the way to the stadium.

There is a Park and Ride option for fans. Park your car at the Edison Park Fast near the Secaucus Junction and take the Meadowlands Rail Service to MetLife. Parking passes for this option are $20 per game or $160 for the season.

Lastly, there is a bus service from the Port Authority to the MetLife Sports Complex via the 351 bus. That bus begins 2-1/2 hours prior to the start of the game and runs up to 30 minutes after kickoff. For fans taking the bus after the game, the final bus runs one hour after the conclusion of the game. Round-trip tickets are $14; one-way tickets are $7. The bus drops fans off near Lot K, which is southwest of the stadium.

Step 3: Metlife Stadium’s food and drink options

The home of the Jets and Giants has some of the best food and drink options across the NFL.

There are dozens of food choices, from burgers and hotdogs to cheesesteaks to a meatball sandwich from Nonna Fusco’s Kitchen. Beyond the basics, there are many unique food options, such as Korean pulled pork, cauliflower tots, taco stands, and even Cheetos popcorn. Every craving can seemingly be managed.

To further their case as one of the best stadiums for food and drink, there are options on every level for fans who are gluten-intolerant, vegetarian or require kosher choices. From vegetarian tacos to kosher hot dogs to gluten-free beer, very few stadiums have such specialty options for their fans regardless of where their seats are located.

Step 4: How to enjoy Giants and Jets games to the fullest

First of all: Yes, you can bet on the NFL in New York and New Jersey.

There are eight NY sports betting operators and a dozen New York retail sportsbooks. You can check Giants and Jets point spreads, totals, and moneylines at any of those outlets. Some believe New York sports betting could produce the first $2 billion month during the upcoming season.

In addition to that, understanding the stadium’s guidelines is key to enjoying a Jets or Giants game.

The stadium gates open two hours before kickoff. Clear bags any bigger than 12 x 6 x 12 are not allowed. One-gallon Ziploc bags are a suggested alternative. Outside drinks are only allowed if they are not alcohol, 20 ounces or less, and sealed in a bottle that is not metal or glass. Outside food is also allowed if it is in a clear, plastic bag. Reusable water bottles are also allowed, but they must be empty when entering the stadium. MetLife Stadium is also a cash-free venue, so make sure to bring a credit or debit card.

Handheld cameras, including Go Pros, are allowed, but camera gear such as tripods, selfie sticks and camera lens that exceed six inches are prohibited. Video cameras are not allowed.

Other banned items:

  • Banners or signs of any kind
  • Seat cushions unless medically required
  • Umbrellas and strollers
  • Any bag exceeding 4-1/2 inches by 6-1/2 inches, including purses, camera cases, backpacks, diaper bags or any other bag
  • Drones
  • Any footballs or other balls or football helmets

For a complete list, check out the MetLife A-Z Guide.

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