You Can Bet On Cricket (Yes, Cricket) In New York

Last week, Major League Cricket debuted in the United States. That news may have slipped past many sports fans in this country, but sharp NY sports bettors should be mindful: New Yorkers can bet on professional cricket.

Cricket is one of a handful of sports that New Yorkers may be unfamiliar with that are on the list of activities you can bet on using NY sports betting apps.

The list of eligible sports for betting is called the Sports Wagering Catalog. Like Santa Claus, New York has a lengthy list. That includes some sports, like cricket, that are immensely popular across the globe, and a few that are niche sporting activities.

Cricket trails only soccer in worldwide popularity

Don’t understand cricket? Don’t fret, it’s not like your high school had a team.

Most Americans have little idea of the rules of this old team game, which is popular in England, the West Indies, Pakistan, Australia, India and elsewhere. According to the MLC, cricket is the second-most popular sport in the world, behind football (what we New Yorkers call “soccer”).

The first pro cricket season for MLC will be played in July at both Grand Prairie Stadium in Grand Prairie, Texas, and Church Street Park in Morrisville, North Carolina. Typically, a cricket season involves hotly-contested matches over a short period, followed by a championship or cup series. The MLC is still establishing itself, and won’t be holding a championship or requiring extensive travel in season one.

In cricket, teams of 11 players each trade turns batting and fielding. In that way, it has similarities to baseball, but it’s not like baseball at all, really. It’s hard to describe a cricket match. It’s best to watch videos like the one below.

Yes, New York has a cricket team

New York is one of six markets with a MLC team. The others are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Texas (in the Dallas-Fort Worth region).

Sportsbooks such as FanDuel NY are offering game props, in addition to moneyline odds for the MLC.

What if you place a bet on cricket? How will you enjoy the thrill of that wager? Matches for the MLC will be seen on Willow TV or the CBS Sports Network.

What niche sports are available on NY sportsbook apps?

Here’s a partial list of niche or uncommon sports you may not know you can place bets on in New York:

  • Rugby
  • Cornhole
  • Lacrosse
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • International and European Table Tennis
  • Sao Paulo Challenger
  • Softball
  • Professional Fighters League
  • Ultimate Disc
  • Snooker and Billiards

Approved sporting events for NY sports betting are the responsibility of the NY State Gaming Commission.

Note that like many other states, New York has not approved betting on eSports.

Lacrosse is surging in popularity

New York sports bettors can wager on the Premier Lacrosse League, which has eight pro teams in the United States. That league was founded in 2018, and has steadily been growing to attract larger crowds. The league even has a media agreement with ABC Sports.

Lacrosse was played by people who lived in North America before the arrival of Europeans. It was a competition that native tribes took part in for hundreds of years. The game became extremely popular in Canada, and drifted across the border into the northeast of the U.S., specifically New York, Maine, and Massachusetts. Many of the top players in the PCL hail from Canada or the northeastern U.S. states.

Lacrosse is played by teams of 10 (three defenders, three midfielders, three attackers, and one goalkeeper) on a field measuring 110 yards in length and 60 yards wide. The players use sticks that have a small basket at the end for cradling the ball, which is made of rubber and approximately the size of a baseball.

To score, a player must fling the ball from the basket of his stick across the goal and into the net. Typically, games are highlighted by fast play and high scoring. Players must display agility, speed, deftness with their stick, and accuracy. It’s a game more of quickness and play-making than of physicality.

Every season, the PLL holds its championship series in February in what is a 6-on-6 competition. That series is the most watched and bet on lacrosse event in the U.S.

Can New Yorkers bet on pickleball?

According to Sports Brief, pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Folks of all ages are flocking to courts to play this game, which has emerged to compete for public space with tennis.

Unfortunately, as of now, no New York sportsbooks offer betting on pickleball. That’s likely because the professional circuits are still in their infancy. The Professional Pickleball Association is building a tour and sanctions events.

The PPA also has rankings in singles and doubles for both men and women. However, until the sport reaches a level with more money at stake from sponsors, and a larger appeal to the public, we probably won’t see odds for professional pickleball in New York.


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