The Rodgers Watch Is On: Will It Be Worth A 54-Year Wait?

Note to Jets fans: Don’t worry, Aaron Rodgers is on his way.


His estimated TOA to Florham Park  is likely to be in a few weeks. It’s been stated here before, and I still believe it to be true.


The anticipation, though, is driving you crazy. Many publications are releasing stories every week, trying to find a different angle. Who gets traded? What draft picks will be offered? Does Rodgers shopping for home goods in California mean anything?


Rodgers wants to be a Jet, and he will be. Disregard the rumors of him going to San Francisco or Las Vegas. 


Yes, it’s true, a deal could break down. Yet, there is too much at stake for both teams.


Still, this is all about the money. It also is about two teams with two entirely different goals.


For the Packers, it would benefit them to trade Rodgers before June 1. Instead of Rodger’s dead-cap money being $40.3 million for 2023, it would be spread out over the ‘23 and 2024 seasons. The Packers would take a 15.8 million hit next year, and $24.5 in ‘24. This would also free roughly $15 million in cap space for the Packers.


Green Bay could also take on the entire hit this coming season, and free themselves of any dead money in ‘24. With new quarterback Jordan Love, the Packers won’t be in contention this season, and they could build for the future.


As for the Jets, their future is now.


Bringing aboard Rodgers, the Jets have given themselves a three-year window at best. Tom Brady couldn’t do it anymore at age 45, and he began to slip the past two seasons. Rogers will be 40 in December.


They have added Rodgers’ target Allen Lazard and Chiefs’ speedster Mecole Hardman. Garrett Wilson had a banner rookie year, and Corey Davis still is a reliable option. And Denzel Mims is still a Jet.  


Should the Jets have signed Odell Beckham Jr.? 


My initial thought and current one was and still Beckham did have a productive role with the Rams in their Super Bowl run a few years ago. The ex-Giant should be a better fit in Baltimore with presumed quarterback Lamar Jackson.


However, this will be an offense where there may not be enough balls around from Rodgers to keep everyone happy. If anyone would complain from the current bunch, it likely would be Wilson, who had some grunts about Zach Wilson.


Beckham’s presence still isn’t a settling one. The Jets do have enough firepower on the outside without him. Don’t forget about tight ends C.J. Uzomah and Tyler Conklin.


With the youth group of Breece Hall, Michael Carter, and Zonovan Knight, the Jets’ running game has the potential to have another “ground and pound” campaign to a lesser degree than the Rex Ryan days.


Rodgers also will have the benefit of a sounder defense that he had in Green Bay in recent years. The Jets have added some new faces to further enhance a stellar unit.


Greg Zuerlein proved last season that he can still be one of the game’s more effective kickers.


Hang tight, Jets’ fans, Rodgers will be here.


A common thread has the Jets sending a second rounder from both the ‘23 and ‘24 drafts for Rodgers. There also has been plenty of chatter that a defensive player will be involved.


Before it happens, however, you may still want to ask yourself this Rodgers worth it? In his defense, he appears to have enough – and maybe more – offensive weapons and a respected and authentic defense.


He does have four MVPs, but one Super Bowl rings. Brett Favre came here as the savior with three MVP and a single Super Bowl ring. Favre still has only one. Would you feel better with Patrick Mahomes or more realistically, Lamar Jackson?


Acquiring Rodgers has to all but guarantee that the Jets will win at least one AFC championship.  


In January, it will be 54 years since the Jets had a franchise quarterback and a Super Bowl trophy. 


In a few weeks, Jets’ fans will probably start to see the light at the end of their long tunnel.


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