Daniel Jones to the Jets? His Dilemma Should Be Resolved Soon

Daniel Jones to the Jets?


Hey, what a minute..what’s going on here? Could this really happen?


Yes, there is a slight chance it actually could. Yet, don’t count on it. The Jets really wouldn’t have the room under their cap.


However…the clock is ticking. We will soon find out.


The Giants and the Jets are still in their quarterback flux, but that should change by the time free agency begins its roll next week.


Derek Carr –suddenly coveted by the Jets – has been making his rounds to different teams to measure their interest in having him take over the reins. Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t made his decision, and Geno Smith has been floated as a possible Jets’ quarterback for 2023.


The Jets still have the dilemma of Zach Wilson, who they still claim has a future. Wait and see on that one.


As for Jones, he and his camp appear to be steadfast at a $45 million figure to keep him in the Meadowlands. Certainly, head coach Brian Daboll would want Jones back, but he and GM Joe Schoen will likely have to play hardball with him. Daboll has seen the makings of another Josh Allen in the works. 


Schoen doesn’t want to sign Jones to the franchise tag, which would have a cap hit of $32 million and severely crimp their free-agent budget. The word has the Giants trying to stay in the range of $32-35 million with Jones.


Then there is Saquon Barkley, who is seeking a four-year deal in the neighborhood of $64 million. It would be easier for the Giants to place the tag on Barkley and take a $10 million hit.


Barkley was the league’s fifth-leading rusher with over 1,300 yards and had a total of 1,600 yards with 10 touchdowns last season. Over the past two years, Barkley has answered his critics about his durability and dexterity.


These Giants are at the cusp of getting back to be league contenders, and they need both Jones and Barkley. They have roughly $47 million in cap space. 


At this point, Barkley has shown to be more of a proven commodity than Jones, whose last season was his lone consistent one. But then again, starting quarterbacks are harder to find.


The clock is ticking…


One major decision will have to be made by Tuesday when the Giants will have to decide how to use their franchise tag. Will it be Jones or Barkley?


Either way, there still will be one issue hanging over their heads. 


One saving grace can be the release of wide receiver Kenny Golladay next week that will free roughly $7 million. If they wait until after June 1, the Giants would open up $13.5 million in cap space, but can they wait?


We should have a better read on the situation Tuesday. 


In the end, Jones should be a Giant and not a Jet. 


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