Brooklyn Nets 2023 NBA Championship Odds

With the 2022 NBA Finals behind us, and Golden State crowned victors yet again, what do NBA fans have to look forward to now? If you’re into sports betting, it’s time to put some money down. Odds are already up for next season, and we’re focusing on the Brooklyn Nets’ 2023 NBA Championship Odds.

The Nets are the best chance for New Yorkers to bring an NBA championship home in 2023. (Sorry, Knicks fans, we want better for you, too.)

The Nets seem to have all the ingredients but haven’t yet nailed the recipe to win it all. They entered the 2021-2022 season as betting favorites, with the intimidating lineup of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. But the season was riddled with injuries and vaccination drama, leading Harden to peace out for the 76ers mid-season.

This drama resulted in a disappointing run, with a regular-season record of 44-38. They squeaked into the first round of the playoffs but were shut out in the first round by Boston.

But all of that is in the past. 

If the odds are any indication, the Nets should be walking into 2022-2023 a stronger, maybe wiser, team. 

Brooklyn Nets Odds to Win 2023 NBA Championship

The Nets opened in the top five betting favorites for the 2023 NBA Championship. The range for the top five is pretty broad, with some NY sportsbooks pricing them within 50 cents and others giving more competitive odds for the lower teams. 

Here’s the full lineup of best odds to win the 2023 NBA Championship.


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Brooklyn Nets Odds to Win Eastern Conference

The Celtics are the betting favorites for the Eastern Conference win after making it to the NBA Finals, but most sportsbooks have the Celtics, Bucks, and Nets ranked pretty closely for the 2023 conference title.

Here are the best bets currently available to win the 2023 Eastern Conference.


What Will the Nets do with the Off-Season?

After getting knocked out of the playoffs in just four games, the Nets face a lot of scrutiny over their off-season moves. 

Fortunately, Kevin Durant has a long-term contract and isn’t going anywhere. But what about the other superstars on the team — Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin?

Irving has a player option that would allow him to enter free agency. So far, though, he’s said he doesn’t plan on going anywhere. If Irving stays with the Nets, he’s eligible for a five-year $247.7 million contract or a four-year $189.9 million extension. That’s better than he can get with any other team in the league. 

With the loss of Harden, Brooklyn management seems focused on continuing to build a team around Durant and Irving. At this point, we expect Simmons to stay on, too.

The big question is how much Irving’s contract will be and how much Brooklyn is willing to spend in the free agency and trade market. Griffin, Aldridge, Andre Drummond, Goran Dragic, Bruce Brown, and Nicolas Claxton are all looking at free agency. The Nets also have several trade exceptions that could bring in a couple of new players.

We don’t know what Brooklyn will ultimately decide, but we’re looking forward to the ride.

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