Bo Knows Fans

Aris Sakellaridis

Since Major League Baseball is clueless in promoting their own players, let me take a minute to glorify a Toronto Blue Jay who simply gets it. It’s a Spring Training tradition for starting players to play half the game before they call it a day. On this day, shortstop Bo Bichette was taken out in the sixth inning. Instead of rushing into the shower and heading home, he chose to acknowledge every fan that came his way with his own autograph and selfie session.

Once upon a time, MLB knew how to promote its game. With the uprising of youngsters like Juan Soto, Ozzie Albies, and Ronald Acuña Jr. and elders like Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols, and Yadier Molina just to name a few, there’s plenty of All-Stars to display. Suddenly they forgot how it’s done. All MLB has to do is keep an eye on the young son of ex-slugger Dante Bichette. Bo knows how to embrace the fan base. The smiles that he provided were worth the trip to Dunedin, Florida for these paying customers.

Remember when Frank Thomas and Ken Griffey Jr., and Bo Jackson were all over television sets and billboards? MLB needs to show they care about winning the fans back. Market your players as if you want to boost the attendance back at the games.

The other Bo, Bo Jackson, was the darling of every fan during his Nike campaign. Since MLB is clueless in promoting their own, Nike needs to jump on Bichette and make him the newest sensation.

What I witnessed at that Spring Training game was youngsters wanting to be like Bo, and elders wanting to adopt Bo. MLB needs to wake up and simply watch what Bo does because Bo knows fans!

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