New York Sports Betting Set Feverish Pace Leading Up To Super Bowl

The Empire State indeed. It hasn’t taken long for New York sports betting to become the king of states in the industry. The state rolled into Super Bowl weekend at a record-setting pace measured by the total handle (all money wagered on sports).

In the first four-plus weeks of online sports betting in the state, more than $1.6 billion in wagers were placed. New York shattered the record neighboring New Jersey set last year for the highest total handle in a calendar month, even though the state did not open its market until Jan. 8.

New York’s online sports betting launch is the most successful in history, easily eclipsing the previous record set in the first four weeks by Arizona in 2021 ($777 million in September and October). It also led to the state receiving $70 million in tax revenue.

The historic launch was helped by the NFL playoffs, college football playoffs, and the ramp-up to Super Bowl LVI. In fact, New Yorkers wagered more than $472 million in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. With March Madness looming, New York may continue to break records in the first few months with legal sports betting.

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Top Sportsbooks For NY Online Sports Betting

These have been the top sportsbooks in New York, based on total bets accepted:

Caesars Sportsbook New York led all competitors with $627,401,761 in total handle in January, followed by FanDuel ($517 million) and DraftKings ($377 million).

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New York Sports Betting Data for 2022

NY Sports Betting Handle

SportsbookWeek Ending
February 6
Week Ending
February 13
Week Ending
February 20
Week Ending
February 27
(Jan 31-Feb 27)
Overall Totals$359,839,554$472,136,168$353,431,983$350,316,283$1,535,723,988

NY Sports Betting Handle by Month

SportsbookJanuary 2023February 2023March 2023April 2023May 2023June 2023July 2023
WynnBET $10,457,561$10,317,886$10,403,191$9,840,141$7,852,252$6,970,827$6,712,970
Resorts World Bet$5,389,164$5,356,051$5,141,840$7,909,338$4,260,285$4,031,462$4,176,379
Bally Bet$959,234$1,206,308$3,002,231$2,286,895$2,221,206$898,761$0

NY Sports Betting Revenue by Month

SportsbookJanuary 2023February 2023March 2023April 2023May 2023June 2023July 2023
Resorts World Bet$202,984$484,445$340,239$71,358$416,605$187,279$496,793
Bally Bet$82,934$18,451$207,727$28,731$173,560$68,438$0
Operator Revenue$73,219,425$53,058,151$79,785,514$68,022,077$74,464,368$50,875,614$51,514,836
State Tax Revenue$76,207,973$55,223,789$83,042,066$70,798,487$77,503,730$52,952,170$53,617,482
Total Revenue$149,427,397$108,281,940$162,827,580$138,820,564$151,968,098$103,827,784$105,132,318

The Next Big Events For New York Sports Bettors

With the Super Bowl behind us, the focus shifts to March Madness and the second half of the NBA season.

  • March Madness (NCAA Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament) begins March 15 with play-in games. Eventually, there will be 67 games to get to the eventual NCAA champion.
  • Women’s March Madness will start on March 16.
  • The NBA season ramps up after the NBA All-Star Game, with teams jostling for playoff position. The Brooklyn Nets are currently in the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.
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