Should You Bet On The Super Bowl Coin Toss?

Even before the first tackle of Super Bowl LVI, there will be money exchanging hands (or via sports betting apps) through prop bets.

Some of the popular off-field prop bets are the length of the National Anthem, how many planes will fly over the stadium in the pregame festivities, and which starting quarterback will be shown on TV first during the performance of the anthem.

Once the captains for both teams walk to the center of the field and gather with the referee, many people will be paying extra close attention to the coin toss. Not only does it determine which team will receive the ball to start the game, but it will also decide a prop bet.

That’s right, many people bet on the outcome of the Super Bowl coin toss. But should you?

Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting Odds

Predictably, Super Bowl LVI coin toss odds are low. Sportsbooks usually have both Heads and Tails listed at -110, meaning you’ll have to wager $110 to win $100 on the flip. BetMGM New York and Caesars Sportsbook NY are both offering those types of odds.

There’s not much money in this proposition. The books basically offer this bet as a novelty, and the odds are set to ensure the sportsbooks get something for the hassle of taking your bet on a random event.

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Trends for the Super Bowl Coin Toss

Do historical or recent trends mean anything in a coin toss? Of course, they don’t, say the mathematicians. It’s random, and even when flipping a coin, which is a true 50/50 probability, you may see Heads come up 12 times in a row. Having said that, here are some recent coin toss trends:

  • The last seven teams to win the coin toss lost the Super Bowl.
  • In the last nine Super Bowls, Heads has meant the AFC has won the toss, and Tails has meant the NFC Champion has won the toss eight times.
  • In Super Bowl history, Tails has hit 29 times, while Heads has come up 26 times.
  • Want to bet on the coin landing the opposite as the previous year? Well, you’d lose with that strategy. Over the last 12 Super Bowls, betting on the coin coming up opposite what it did the previous year has gone 4-8.
  • If you wish to bet on the coin toss there is one reason for doing so: It’s over quickly. This outcome will be determined before Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow drop one bead of sweat in the game. If your side comes up, you’re a winner! You’re probably the quickest winner at your Super Bowl party. And if you lose the coin toss prop bet you have the entire game to recover from it.

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Final Answer: Should you bet on the Super Bowl Coin Toss?

Yes, go for it. It’s a fun little bet, though don’t wager much because you don’t have an edge, to start the game and get the juices flowing. But don’t act like you’re some sort of NFL insider if the coin lands in your favor. No one likes a braggart at their party.

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