Is It Time To Blow Up The Giants? The Signs Are Becoming Obvious

Another Giants’ loss, another insufficient offensive performance.


This latest one against Miami may have dropped to a pathetic one.


It is to the point of the season where its’ evaluation time, and there is plenty on the table. This will mostly be about change, and their plight continues in Los Angeles Sunday.


There are more questions than solutions. And the Russell Wilson rumors will heat up? But are Wilson or the Vikings’ Kirk Cousins the answer as 33-year-old starters? 


The Giants will battle with Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers late Sunday afternoon. The Chargers (7-5) have been inconsistent since a 4-1 start, but they still believe Herbert can either lead them to the AFC West title or a Wild Card spot.


The Giants practiced in Arizona all week to make it an easier trip than the roundabout East-West swing. Head coach Joe Judge is pulling out the stops to change the recent domino effect to help change the landscape. 


Jason Garrett was fired a couple of weeks ago, and Freddie Kitchens hasn’t made a drastic difference. Mike Glennon’s deteriorating passing game and lumbering away from the Miami blitz didn’t help matters. 


But like a coach once told me, play calling can be overrated. Sure, a timely play that is properly executed can make a difference. It’s all about execution, and the Giants have been inconsistent in that category.


For these 4-8 Giants, this could be about the players. Is it time to make some Giant decisions about the current personnel. 


Is it time to blow it up? Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley could be two key pieces to be discarded to start the rebuild.

Start from scratch with a new baker and recipe.


It is becoming more apparent that the Dave Gettleman era that brought us Jones and Barkley will likely end in January. 


Gettleman promised to fix the offensive line and he also envisioned Barkley “wearing a Gold jacket someday” — the Hall of Fame reference.


Barkley will need to show something over the past five weeks to prove that he isn’t a bust. This could be his week, as he will face a Chargers’ defense that is ranked 31st against the run, giving up an average of 120 per contest. 


His injuries over the past three seasons have proved that he isn’t durable enough. Barkley may have to be transformed into a scatback model –ala Dave Meggett – and he will be an unrestricted free agent after next year.


If he struggles the rest of this season, do the Giants want to give him a big payday next year? There are too many red flags to keep Barkley especially if Gettleman is gone.


The Giants’ offensive line still has too many holes and question marks.


That process began with the signing of tackle Nate Solder, who left his best days behind in New England.    


Andrew Thomas has been inconsistent, and Shane Lemieux and Matt Peart have shown flashes, but the duo has struggled  to stay healthy, Nick Gates went from utility lineman to center, but he has fought with steady play and injuries.


Will Hernadez’s status has downgraded from once a recent prize pick to a likely free agent in the offseason.


Gettelman has sought to band-aid the situation with waiver wire pickups and minor trades, but it hasn’t panned out as expected.


Jones is the latest issue, and there are plenty of whispers around that his neck injury could be a career-threatening one, but Judge is frantically trying to put out those fires. If Jones is done, it should be imperative to draft another quarterback and not trade for one.

As for Judge, his righteous schitck is beginning to wear thin. Even at 10-18 heading into Sunday, he likely will be spared.


A stellar showing by the defense to lead them to a victory in Los Angeles could temporarily deflect some of the issues. Dallas comes to MetLife next Sunday with their sights on closing out the division.


However, a Giant win or two at this point may not be enough to slow the winds of change ahead.

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