Banned Bettors List Released For New York Sports Betting

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The New York State Gaming Commission has released updates to its sports betting guidelines, including the publication of a banned bettors list.

The NYSGC already prohibited athletes, players, coaches, referees, physicians, and trainers from betting on athletic events in which they participate or have an oversight role. That list grew in early December.

Occupations Added To The Banned Sports Bettors List

In addition, any employee of the governing body of a sport is banned from betting on that sport. Also banned are sports agents and independent contractors of a team, player union, or umpire union.

According to the guidelines published on the NYSGC website, “Any principle (employee), key employee or casino gaming employee” of a casino is also banned from sports betting. In an effort to be extra sensitive to conflicts of interest, the state is also prohibiting the immediate family of a casino employee or casino-related contractor from betting (if the family member is also prohibited from betting because of their relationship to a casino).

Naturally, the guidelines ban officers and employees of the NYSGC from placing a sports bet in New York, as well.

A few language items were altered or cleaned up in the regulations also, including the renaming of “sports pool license” to “casino sports wagering license.” The NYSGC also clarified the definition of a sports bettor to become: “…an individual who is physically present in a casino when placing a sports wager and who is not a prohibited sports bettor.”

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Status of New York Sports Betting

Eight retail sportsbooks are operational in New York, but the launch of mobile sportsbooks is still expected to come in February, perhaps in time for Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13, 2022.

Nine online sportsbooks have been tentatively granted market access by the NYSGC. The NYSGC is currently vetting applicants and finalizing regulations and oversight. The launch of online sports betting in New York is expected to be one of the biggest in the history of sports betting in the U.S.

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