Giants Captured The Moment; Can They Seize The Season?




Daniel Jones, the offensive line, and the defense surfaced at the right time.


All three were key components in the Giants’ comeback 27-21 victory in New Orleans last Sunday, and they all needed to surface at the right time.


You can exhale, Giants fans. Live for the moment.


Taking out the opening Denver game, Jones has been more than adequate and he topped the season with his two-touchdown, 402-yard performance against the Saints. His main fault was not making the timely play and being consistent.


With his breakout game in the Big Easy, Jones can put the shadows of last year behind him, and look more like his rookie year. Jones also reconfirmed that he can be a threat on the ground, a much-needed one for Big Blue.


One major glaring overlook has been the play of the offensive line. It has been linked as the albatross around general manager’s Dave Gettleman’s neck since he took over. This season, there still was a queasy feeling about the state of it.


Yet, Gettleman deserves his share of kudos for having to piecemeal the line weekly due to their rash of injuries and retirement. Nick Gates and Shane Lemiuex are lost for the year, and Zack Fulton and Dan Looney took an early retirement.


Gettleman has found head coach Joe Judge and offensive line coach Rob Sale two starting centers and four starting left guards, this just in the first four weeks. Give Sale credit in mix-and-matching some waiver wire finds into a decent unit.


Last week, they didn’t allow a sack against the Saints. Left tackle Andrew Thomas has been progressing, but right tackle Nate Solder has shown his age. Center Bill Price and guards Ben Bredeson and Will Hernandez have been average, yet have towed the line.


Finally, the Giants’ defense didn’t have a sack, but they did make some key stops down the stretch. The Giants’ defense allowed Alvin Kamara ran for 120 yards and Jameis Winston had an efficient afternoon and looked under control.


Their defense still needs to produce a dominating game, and that won’t be easy. They get to tangle with Dak Prescott and Ezikiel Elliott late Sunday afternoon in Dallas.


Saquon Barkley scored the winning touchdown, but he had teammate Kyle Rudolph recover a potentially damaging fumble. He has a workmanlike 52 yards and showed signs of further flexibility.


Kenny Golloway and Kadarius Toney looked like the major threats they can be. 


It all was good for the moment in New Orlean, and there is reason to believe it can continue.


For the Giants, the moment now has to evolve into the mainstay.

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