Mayweather vs. Paul: More of a Boxing Problem


I have never bypassed a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight and will always recognize his undefeated 50-0 career as a top-10 fighter of all-time with a Hall of Fame career. Mayweather was good for boxing, created a buzz. and built a legacy as a four-division world champion.

So the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Showtime Boxing circus is Sunday night on Pay-Per-View and I am not writing about his exhibition fight with YouTube star Logan Paul to create a buzz. I will bypass this circus and continue to focus on the boxing superstars of today that deserve more attention.

Because this is Floyd Mayweather, there has to be a buzz and hype. No judges at ringside and an official winner will not be declared because the fight is not sanctioned by the Florida State athletic board of directors. However there is a betting line and Mayweather is the predominant favorite in Las Vegas. I guarantee the million or more Mayweather followers and million or more Jake Paul YouTube subscribers will be watching.

But allow me to use this forum to vent. Allow me to say this is another black eye for boxing, even though there are some legitimate and good fights on the card including the return of former 154-pound champion Jarrett Hurd and Badou Jack, a former light heavyweight title holder.

And I am disappointed that Showtime Boxing has gone this route. The reputed network has always delivered great fights and upcoming champions with their SHOWBOX telecasts, but Mayweather-Paul is strictly all business and about numbers.

This a major problem for boxing, though the demographics from a new generation of fans wants to see more of this.

Mayweather is listed by Forbes as one of the 50 highest paid athletes from 2012-15, and says this is not about the money. His motto is ‘give the people a show.’ and of course, Paul, the YouTube star he opposes, has a following to create this circus down in Miami.

Unfortunately, though, the loyal boxing fan will take an interest in Floyd Mayweather. The powers that be at Showtime, instead, have decided to go another route and would rather be the major player here, putting a reputed boxing network to shame.

Showtime and Mayweather share the opinion about boxing going in another direction, and to a point, the sport has a different demographic that appeals to a younger audience which leaves a boxing purist like me to not accept what the public will buy into Sunday night.

If you are under the impression that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has returned to make more boxing history, then you need to think otherwise because it’s all about the money. It is possible, Mayweather could be embarrassed and this circus in the ring will tarnish all of those attributes of his Hall of Fame career.

And the final PPV numbers could come close to rival previous Floyd Mayweather PPV fights with Manny Pacquiao and that other circus with MMA champion Conor McGregor.

So I am not offering a prediction here because this is an exhibition and all the suspense will be about the return of Floyd Mayweather. And is Logan Paul a legitimate fighter when this is done and said for?

Instead, Showtime and their PPV division should focus on what is ahead with a huge Summer of championship fights and showcasing the stars of today including July 26th, when Gervonta Davis on PPV defends the WBA ‘regular” junior welterweight title against Mario Barrios.

That my friends is worth the buy. Mayweather and Paul, this is an issue that boxing needs to address and the only way to stop this circus is establish a national boxing commission that will never come to fruition.

If you want to see a circus and a fight with no meaning then you can shell out $49.95, well that’s your prerogative.

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