Islanders Going Big For Their Center Hung Scoreboard At UBS Arena

New York Islanders/UBS Arena

Sometimes, you just want a little more.

If you’re at the drive-thru picking up lunch or dinner and you’re really hungry, you may want to “biggie-size” that combo meal to get more fries and a bigger soda.

And that’s what the Islanders are doing with their center hung scoreboard at UBS Arena.

If you’ve been to an Islanders game at Nassau Coliseum since their return to “The Barn” in 2018, you’re familiar with the center hung video boards that were installed when the arena was renovated and downsized after the Islanders left following the 2014-15 season.  Now imagine what it would look like if those video screens were four times the size of what they are now.  That vision will be the reality when it comes to the main center hung displays at UBS Arena, the Islanders’ new home set to open this fall.

Each main video display will be approximately 26 feet high by 34.5 feet wide while the four corner displays will be 26 feet high by more than three feet wide.  For those fans who will be sitting closer to the ice, there will be four underbelly displays and each of them will be more than eight feet high by 23 feet wide.

The center hung scoreboard will be the centerpiece of the installation by Daktronics that will include 45 high-definition LED displays throughout UBS Arena.

“UBS Arena will become a global landmark entertainment and sports destination,” said Tim Leiweke, CEO of Oak View Group. “We look forward to welcoming guests to our premiere venue equipped with industry leading technology that captivates and delivers a first-rate atmosphere for all to enjoy.”

Throughout UBS Arena, there will be LED displays totaling more than 15,000 square feet and more than 34 million pixels, but the center hung scoreboard will be the focal point of the installation featuring 12 LED displays that will total 4,730 square feet.  Each display will feature 5.9-millimeter pixel spacing and the four main video displays, with the highest resolution center hung display technology, will face each side of the arena

The main seating bowl will feature two ribbon and 14 vomitory displays that will combine for almost 2,000 feet in length and there will be displays 25 feet long on three rink side scorer’s tables.  Those screens will have displays that can provide additional stats and graphics as well as opportunities for sponsors to be highlighted.  When fans arrive at the arena, they will be greeted by seven marquee displays as well as six entrance, lobby and concourse displays.

“We’re excited to deliver the LED displays for one of the country’s premier sports and entertainment venues and are happy to be working with UBS Arena to make this installation a reality,” said Reece Kurtenbach, President and CEO of Daktronics.  “As an American based company, we look forward to the opportunity to support them and this project for years to come.”

This fall, the Islanders are moving into a brand-new home that the organization and their fans have been waiting on for a very long time.  The arena will have incredible amenities for both the team and the fans and one of the amazing features in the arena will be the LED displays including the massive center hung scoreboard.

If you put the center hung scoreboard that will be in UBS Arena next to the Nassau Coliseum video board, it might be similar to that photo of Aaron Judge standing next to Jose Altuve.

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