Islanders Partner With Nickelodeon On A Night They Hope To Slime The Flyers

New York Islanders/Nickelodeon

The NFL created a lot of buzz this past season when they collaborated with Nickelodeon for a special telecast of the NFC Wild Card Game between the Saints and Buccaneers.  The broadcast was filled with special features and graphics with lots of slime and Nickelodeon characters creating a fun and educational experience for younger football fans or kids who were new to the game.

Off of that successful venture, the Islanders are partnering with Nickelodeon for a special multi-platform experience when the Isles host the Flyers on Saturday April 3rd at Nassau Coliseum.   The Islanders will incorporate Nickelodeon shows and characters, past and present to cover multiple generations, into their game presentation as well across the team’s digital entertainment landscape including the Islanders HomeIce Experience on the HomeTurf App and social media platforms.

“We saw what (the NFL) did during the Wild Card game and it was great to really take some inspiration from there and collaborate with them,” said Danielle Lewis, Director of Game Presentation for the Islanders.  “What we’re looking to do during the game is really just stretch across Nickelodeon’s different properties. We have certain elements within the game explaining hockey and what happens when there’s a penalty? What is icing? How many players are on the ice? Things like that to introduce young fans to the game of hockey.”

Younger fans will be treated to content involving SpongeBob SquarePants, Paw Patrol and Blues Clues but there will also be content for adults or teenage fans who watched Nickelodeon when they were kids like Rugrats and Rocket Power.

I remember when “You Can’t Do That On Television” content was our introduction to slime back in the day!

You could have “Dora the Explorer” go on an expedition to help the Islanders find a consistent third line winger!

And I “Double Dare” you to find a better coach in the NHL than Barry Trotz!

“Generations of Islanders fans grew up with Nickelodeon or their kids grew up with Nickelodeon,” said Lewis.  Really stretching across those different properties so that you have some people that sense of nostalgia.  It’s going to be very cool to see the co-branded look that we’ve developed to see it come to life is great.  We’re excited to display that for fans.  We have some videos coming out soon to just get fans excited about the game.”

While there will be content across social media and on the video boards at the Coliseum that night, as well as cardboard cutouts of Nickelodeon characters in the seats, the main platform for the co-branded content will be through the Islanders HomeIce Experience which requires downloading the HomeTurf app.  There will be plenty of slime, interactive activations, trivia, polls and prizes.  Fans are encouraged to follow the Islanders on social media for a chance to win a custom Islanders and Nickelodeon themed goalie mask.

And that brings us to a Nickelodeon program that Islanders fans might be familiar with.

“The Amanda Show” was a sketch comedy show starring Amanda Bynes that ran on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2002.  Among the sketches was “Judge Trudy”, a spoof of “Judge Judy” where dancing lobsters were called into the courtroom at the end of cases.   The Islanders social media team has been posting the video of the dancing lobsters after wins so naturally that will be an element to Nickelodeon night.

“We’re actually giving the top 100 on our leaderboard for the evening a plush Islanders lobster,” said Lewis.

Whether you’re one of the 1,400 fans who will be at the Islanders vs Flyers game on April 3rd or you’re watching the game at home, Islanders Nickelodeon Night should be a fun evening for fans of all ages.  Being an Islanders fan is something that is passed down from generation to generation and now being a fan of Nickelodeon has spanned multiple generations.

So, here’s what I’m thinking…Islanders mascot Sparky should invite Flyers mascot Gritty to the game on April 3rd.  Sparky could be a gracious host and show Gritty around the Nassau Coliseum and then when they get to a nice socially-distanced open space…

Splash!  The slime comes down on Gritty!

“Sparky plays fair here,” said Lewis.

Ok, but since the NFL had “slime zones” for the Wild Card game on Nickelodeon, maybe the Islanders can just spend plenty of time in the offensive slime zone and fire pucks into the Flyers goal faster than SpongeBob can make “Crabby Patties”!

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