Do It Now: Mets Priority is to Sign Lindor

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The deadline is approaching to Opening Day for the Mets. The deadline to sign Francisco Lindor long term is also approaching and the deal must be done now. The Mets can’t afford to lose this one and allow Lindor to test free agency.

All signs say this deal will be done prior to the Mets opener on Thursday at the Nationals, as an impatient fan base waits. Lindor has expressed his desire to get this deal done now.

Steve Cohen and Sandy Alderson, I am sure they want to get this done. If not, and we have seen this many times with the Mets, Lindor walks and joins an array of elite shortstops that will test free agency going into next year.

Friday on his Twitter feed it was Steve Cohen possibly giving a hint and asking fans their opinion:


Yes this is the Mets owner and he enjoys feeding his fans, and that comment enticed responses. Cohen said he was not making fun at the task of getting the Lindor deal done. Regardless, it appears a deal is imminent and sources have informed me it could come in a few days.

How much? We know it will cost Steve Cohen lots of money and upwards of $300 million and six years or more. It’s Mookie Betts and Manny Machado money and for the Mets it would put the franchise tag on Francisco Lindor.

So the urgency is there to get this done. Don’t allow Lindor to be in that free agent pool prior to his first and official at bat as a New York Met. Logistics say Cohen and Alderson will get this done.

Certainly there are other long term commitments with Michael Conforto and Noah Syndergaard facing free agency after this season. I’m sure it will be a matter of time before that business will be taken care of in one way or another. So will the business of re-signing Marcus Stroman, the other pending free agent.

And, yes there is no doubting the fact that Conforto and Syndergaard are those valuable commodities that can’t escape the confines of Citi Field. Conforto is focused on a 162-game season and Syndergaard is expected back on the mound at some point in mid-June after his bout with Tommy John surgery.

But this is Francisco Lindor. Around baseball he is the best shortstop in the game. Shades of Mike Piazza, he is the impact player with the ability to become a face of the franchise, along with two-time Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom.

Back then, Piazza became the franchise. The future Hall of Famer fell in love with New York and became a fan favorite.

So when Francisco Lindor became the off season baseball headline, with a contract in a walk year, the immediate concern was where we are today. Unsigned and uncertain of his future with the ballclub.

Yes, this is urgent. It goes beyond a contract. Francisco Lindor did not come from Cleveland to be that borrowed player for Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez, two former cornerstones of the Mets future.

He is the anchor and can be the catalyst for a long time. So the message for Cohen and Alderson is to sign Francisco Lindor now and don’t let this drag any longer. Please Steve Cohen, stop the tease on Twitter.

Lindor has 14 hits in his last 24 at bats in Grapefruit League play. The home run ball is coming off his bat from both sides of the plate. You are seeing the beginning of something special.

Francisco Lindor is that exceptional player. New York fans have already gravitated to his energy and that name in the lineup goes a long way. He deserves a World Series ring and this is a player that can help the Mets get one or more of those coveted championships.

He deserves the contract now. Give Francisco Lindor the money and then go to work and focus on the others.

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